Corepad Gaming Surface

Written by Rob Young

April 23, 2004 | 01:00

Tags: #mousemat #mouse-pad #mousepad #surface

Up close.

Measuring 280 by 220-200mm this mat provides plentiful recreational area for your mouse but certainly isn't too large, think 30cm ruler by 2/3's of one if you're trying to size it in your head:

Corepad Gaming Surface Up close

Like the Icemat, the Corepad is made from glass, this gives the mat a nice weight and the pattern branded into its top should be very hardwearing, an issue with some plastic mats:

Corepad Gaming Surface Up close Corepad Gaming Surface Up close

The bulk of the pattern atop this mat is a lattice of small holes in a grey background ('fencing'), these give optical mice something to track with and I'm happy to say the mat performed very well with my IntelliMouse Explorer 3, I didn't experience any jitter (whereas on sheet glass the mouse doesn't function at all).

A combination of weight and four small rubber feet hold this mat firmly in place:

Corepad Gaming Surface Up close

The only downside to its glass construction is the thickness required to ensure strength, 5mm in this case...

Corepad Gaming Surface Up close

...this means that when using this mat without a wrist rest it'll be elevated a few mm further from your desk then with a thin mat, which isn't ideal from an RSI point of view.
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