Corepad Gaming Surface

Written by Rob Young

April 23, 2004 | 01:00

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Corepad Gaming Surface The surface

What is it: Corepad Gaming Surface
Supplier: Corepad
Cost: £21.95 + P&P
Availability: Now
Verdict: A very good pad.

My employers recently bought me a new chair for my office; a chair costing five hundred pounds, with no fewer than thirteen levers, knobs and buttons and an air bag in the backrest to customise its sitting position to my liking. Now to some that might sound like a right royal waste of money, but when you stop to think about how much said chair will be used the cost is much easier to justify.

I'll confess that I'm no mouse junkie, I don't spend hours of my day playing mouse-dependent games nor have I ever tried to create a masterpiece in Photoshop with my trusty rodent. I do however use a mouse a great deal, and so comfort while in use is imperative. A good mouse mat can make the world of difference even for mundane office tasks, every mouse user should have a 'good mat' - despite the optical mouse generation not needing a surface for a ball to cling to. A good mouse mat, like my new office chair, may cost money that you could easily save, but you'll find it's worth its cost when you rely on it day in day out.

In this review I'm going to be looking at the oddly name 'Corepad' and I'm happy to say it's certainly 'a good mat'...


There's no flashy packaging here, the Corepad arrives in a sturdy white cardboard box, along with some Teflon tape and an introductory note:

Corepad Gaming Surface The surface Corepad Gaming Surface The surface

A pleasantly simple package, let's take a closer look at the mat...

Corepad Gaming Surface The surface

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