CeBit 2005: Gainward CoolFX 512MB SLI

Written by Wil Harris

March 10, 2005 | 00:00

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Whilst Gainward have been a little quiet over the past few months, they are back and bigger than ever at CeBit this year. They have been showing off a 512MB SLi setup, which is using their CoolFX watercooling technology. The great thing about this watercooling rig is that both cards are cooled by a single-piece cooler, cutting down on the amount of tubing needed.

The CoolFX SLi with 512MB of memory on each card is going to cost around 1500 Euros, so it\'s not a cheap solution, but if you have to have the best, this might well be it.

You will notice that the CoolFX cooling solution will only fit on one of the current crop of SLI motherboards - ASUS\'s A8N-SLI, which features a \'spare\' slot in between the two PCI-Express x16 video card slots. The DFI, Gigabyte and MSI SLI motherboards that exist at the moment only have the single slot in between the two video card slots. We will be having a look at motherboards from all of the four manufacturers that have an SLI solution over the coming weeks.

Gainward have not confirmed the exact clock speeds that the CoolFX 512MB GeForce 6800 Ultra will operate at, but we have a a good idea of what clocks they are likely to operate at. With XFX telling us that they expect to be releasing their 512MB GeForce 6800 Ultra\'s clocked at 400/1100, it looks like Gainward well be looking at the fastest video card solution on the market.

Gainward are also showing off a USB digital TV tuner here, which is incredibly small but very good quality. Here\'s a picture of the new product, and we\'ll have a full interview with Gainward later on next week.

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