Fun with Remote Control Vehicles

Written by Joe Martin

August 3, 2010 // 12:32 p.m.

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The Best Remote Control Toys

And so we come to the odds and sods – the bits that don’t fit into other categories but which are still cool enough to make us want to showcase them. Funnily, two of the projects below remind us of our previous features too, which looked at modding Nerf guns and playing with Lego – two other geeky pastimes we still love.

The beauty of the ‘remote controlled’ umbrella though is that it’s incredibly broad, covering a wide range of projects and products. We’ve featured some below, but if you’ve got designs of your own then be sure to let us know via the Modding forum.

Fun with Remote Control Vehicles The Best Remote Control ToysEMILY Lifesaver

EMILY, or Emergency Integrated Lifesaving lanYard, is the technological answer to David Hasselhoff. Capable of piloting itself if an operator isn’t available, it’s designed to patrol coastal waters. Using sonar it can locate struggling swimmers and zip towards them at 30MPH, providing them something to cling on to.

Personally, we’d rather be rescued by the cast of Baywatch than be boffed in the head by a big red robot, but nevermind…

Fun with Remote Control Vehicles The Best Remote Control ToysRemote Control Titanic

If only EMILY had been around a century earlier then she likely could have helped save a few of the unfortunate souls that rode the original Titanic. On the plus side though, nobody is likely to be hurt by this 6ft long (that’s 1:150 scale) remote control model, which is so detailed it includes 300 handcrafted pieces.

The final model will set you back around $2,500 USD, so be careful you don’t sink it by hitting a duck.

Fun with Remote Control Vehicles The Best Remote Control ToysRemote Control Nerf Tank

One of the more elaborate weapons for modern office warfare, this custom made remote controlled car carries a Nerf Havoc on top. Aimed with assistance from a mounted camera and laser sight, this tank can spew out foam darts at an astonishing rate.

Unfortunately, as video footage shows, it’s easily defeated by a carefully thrown cushions.

Fun with Remote Control Vehicles The Best Remote Control ToysRemote Control Lego Gun

A step up from the Nerf Tank, this rubber-band turret may not be as mobile as the Nerf tank above, but we reckon the rubber bands it fires will hurt a lot more than those flimsy foam darts.

If you want to learn more about making rubber band guns out of Lego then you can check our Fun With Lego feature, or Ending Credits' more detailed guide in the forums.

Fun with Remote Control Vehicles The Best Remote Control ToysT-34 Crime Fighter

The ultimate in remote-control crime fighting, the T-34 is designed to approach hostile criminals before firing nets that disable and entangle victims.

The bot itself is 60cm tall and can move at up to 10km/h – but it’s prohibitively expensive at around £6000 GBP. That means it’s mainly intended for corporate use, so you probably won’t see the T-34 patrolling city streets and dealing with local hoodies. Which is a shame.

Are you a RC fanatic? Do you have a passion for miniature aeronautics? If so, we'd love to hear from you - let us know what you're working on in the forums!
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