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January 8, 2008 | 02:35

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Here's a handy link to all our content from CES 2008 - highlighted items are rather unmissable...

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Day Four:

Day Three:

  • AMD intros Mobility Radeon HD 3000 series
    AMD has introduced the Mobility Radeon HD 3000 series products - the industry's first graphics chips to feature integrated DisplayPort connectivity.

  • Lian Li answers cries from Xbox 360 owners
    Lian Li is looking for ways to branch out this year and it could have hit gold with this Xbox 360 replacement enclosure.

  • Logitech unveils diNovo Mini keyboard
    For those of you who have media centres connected to your TVs, Logitech has finally listened and offered an alternative to the Windows Media Center Keyboard.

  • RiData makes 128GB SSDs
    RiData, the oldest company in SSDs, has released a 128GB version that's already en route to OEM builders. Did we mention that it loads up Crysis levels in 16.8 seconds?

  • CoolIT thinks bigger...
    CoolIT Systems is rather new to many enthusiasts. We've had our eye on them for a year now, and the company now has some legs under it.

  • Silverstone branches out
    Silverstone, best known for its cases and coolers, is branching out again. We stopped by today to see just how far they've gone - and we were impressed.

Day Two:

  • Skype to support PSP, Intel MIDs
    Skype has announced partnerships with Intel and Sony in order to deliver support for the service on the PSP and Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices.

  • Seagate says, "Say hi to D.A.V.E."
    In my yearly meeting with Seagate, I got to hear a lot about general storage. Most of it wasn't really revolutionary. Then, I met D.A.V.E.

  • AMD unveils Live! Ultra brand & Live! Explorer app
    AMD has announced its Live! Ultra platform and the AMD Live! Explorer application for browsing music, photos and video.

  • Netgear’s Digital Entertainer could replace HTPCs
    Netgear's Digital Entertainer HD looks to be an incredibly smart device that could wipe out the need for an HTPC.

  • OCZ enters SSD market
    OCZ has entered the SSD market with two new drives at varying capacities. It says that it'll develop and improve the performance quite quickly.

  • Powertraveller brings new ways to charge
    We got to sit down with the guys from Powertraveller, makers of the quiet hit known as the PowerMonkey, to find out what's out and what's ahead in the world of green, smart power.

  • Arctic Cooling updates line for 2008
    We had an opportunity to sit down with our pals over at Arctic Cooling to see what the company has coming out for 2008. The answer? A little old, a little new, and one of the coolest case interiors we've seen...

  • Blu-ray to the world - "We've won!"
    The HD format wars are dying down, and there is really no spinning the sales figures. Blu-ray has won...but is it time to welcome our new benefactors, or do they have more questions to answer first?

Day One:

Day Zero:

  • Sony says it's sorry and it's listening
    Sony's press event at CES came with a free apology and a promise that the company has wised up and is listening.

  • Samsung launches 500GB laptop drive
    Samsung has launched a new 500GB laptop drive at this year's CES, and the good news is that it's a standard height - so it's viable for current laptop owners.

  • Gates Keynote high on fun, low on fact
    Bill Gates kicked off CES 2008 with his last keynote as a Microsoft employee. It was a great show with lots of flash and fun - but when the lights went down, was there much else there?

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