CeBit 2005: Asetek Vapochill Micro

Written by Wil Harris

March 10, 2005 | 00:00

Tags: #micro #vapochill

Companies: #asetek #cebit

Here are the first pictures of an in-action Asetek VapoChill Micro.

The cooler is similar in function to a heatpipe, with a metal base being filled with gas that heats up and rises and is then cooled by the fins and the fan. Initial performance indications suggest that it will be cooler than a Zalman CNPS770-Cu by around 7 degrees, and cooler than the reference Intel LGA775 solution by 8 degrees.

The Micro is going to retail at around 27 Euros, putting it right in the mainstream market. It\'s going to have three variations, with copper and nickel finishes, as well as a fanless variation.

The heatsink swivels around to fit appropriately in your case, and comes with mountings for all AMD and Intel sockets.

We\'re going to have a review on this unit very soon, but until then, feel free to ogle the pictures.

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