XPS730 Achieves Rock-Solid Stability Using Corsair DOMINATOR Memory

Written by Harry Butler

June 4, 2008 | 14:57

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Fremont, CA, June 3, 2008 – Corsair® www.corsair.com, a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today that 4GB of overclocked DDR3 memory is now officially ready for prime time. Using Corsair’s DOMINATOR memory modules, Dell’s XPS 730 gaming desktop runs with rock-solid stability at the overclocked memory frequency of 1600 MHz.

The dramatic increase in memory frequency from previous 800MHz DDR2 modules to the overclocked 1600MHz Corsair DOMINATORs allows a corresponding increase in memory subsystem bandwidth, which directly results in improved system performance. At the same time, advances in processor architecture and game design have moved the optimal memory content for a gaming-oriented system from 2GB to 4GB. Corsair and Dell worked together to produce module test procedures specifically tailored to provide a high speed 4GB memory subsystem with superior stability and greatly elevated clock frequency.

“The performance computing community is very aware of the improved game play that 4GB of memory offers, as well as corresponding improvements in task switching and program load times,” stated Andy Paul, President and CEO at Corsair. “Dell and Corsair completed many hours of testing and tweaking over many hardware and firmware revisions, and the result is a platform that is exquisitely tuned for performance and stability.”

“The XPS 7XX-series platform is the ideal place for Dell to showcase the best that PC performance hardware has to offer,” said Patrick Desbois, Dell XPS Gaming Engineering. “We had very aggressive performance goals for this platform, including the ability to run 4GB of overclocked main memory with rock-solid stability. Corsair’s DOMINATOR DDR3 modules were the only logical choice for the best-in-class performance memory required for the Dell XPS 730.”

The Corsair DOMINATOR family of memory provides the ultimate in performance technology engineering from Corsair. The DOMINATOR is designed for the highest performing IC overclocking capability. It features Corsair’s patented DHX Cooling Technology, an innovative quad-layer heat sink design that optimizes memory performance and reliability by maximizing thermal dissipation. With DHX Technology, heat is removed via two paths – the leads of the BGA chips into the PCB (convective cooling) and the back of the BGA packages into the custom designed extruded aluminum heat sinks (conductive cooling). This allows DOMINATOR modules to achieve outstanding overclocking performance while remaining stable and reliable.
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