YOYOTech opens new production facility and website

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September 24, 2013 | 11:38

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UK specialist system builder, YOYOTech, today announces the opening of a brand new production facility and web site as part of a huge expansion plan following the takeover by Centerprise International.

Established more than a decade ago in the heart of London, YOYOTech has been the goto store for many enthusiasts – both here in the capital and as far away as Dubai. Having taken world speed records for PC performance on several occasions with the famous FI7EPOWER range, YOYOTech’s dedicated team of specialists has always focused on the very latest in customisation, cooling and overclocking.

“We are very proud of our new partnership with Centerprise International”, said YOYOTech founder CK. “Having the full backing of one of the country’s largest distributors will change the way we are able to do business forever”.

“Our special thanks go to Centerprise’s founder Rafi Razzak and his CEO Gary Stevens. It was their vision on how to grow and develop YOYOTech into the number one performance brand in the market that made all of this possible”, he explained.

Asked about the new premises, CK said, “It is amazing, on a scale that we would never have dreamed before. Our Tottenham Court Road store was always popular, especially with enthusiasts in the early evening or at weekends”, he explained. “But there was a limit to what we could do in terms of offering overclocked and customised systems to a wider market. There simply wasn’t enough space to expand the way we wanted to. Now all of that has changed. The new premises means that YOYOTech is able to implement all of its plans from the past 10 years – both home and abroad – and this is something that we’re really excited about”, he said. “We have always loved to compete with the major companies, and now it’s time for the gloves to come off!”.

The new web site is cleaner, simple and far more powerful, with four main categories.

“Pure performance enthusiasts have the XDNA range, our Warbird section contains a host of powerful gaming systems, our affordable home systems are all under the Virtue brand and – finally – we have a full range of solutions for professional users in the Proteus section”, he said.

Opening up a huge production centre and unveiling the new web site is just the start of the revolution that YOYOTech is engaged in delivering through Centerprise.

More news will follow shortly.
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