Lite-On adds new Smart USB Power Detection for DVD writers

April 20, 2009 | 19:21

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Lite, Smart and Ultra-Portable


Lite-On have today announced the addition of a new feature –Smart USB power detection – to be implemented in the next generate range of the highly colourful and popular eSAU108 drives.

The eSAU108 drive is entirely USB powered and does not require a power adapter to operate, making it perfect for users who need functionality on the move. Instead, the drive gains its power directly from the computer it is connected to via the USB cable.

At present, most notebooks deliver enough power through a single USB to allow the eSAU108 to operate, however with some notebooks, the use of two USB ports is still required by the drive in order to provide sufficient power.

The Smart USB power detection feature is designed to make it easy for users to determine whether they need to use one or two USB ports to operate the eSAU108. The drive features a small LED indicator at the rear, which will light up following connection to a valid USB power source. A blue light will tell the user the drive is ready to use, whereas a red light will mean that a second USB connection is required.

To help make the connection of 2 USB ports easier, the eSAU108 drives will be bundled with a USB Y-cable allowing users to easily connect either 1 or 2 USB ports as they require.

The addition of the Smart USB power detection and the existing range of classy colours, makes the eSAU108 drives the ultimate choice for users who seek an easy to use, compact and stylish DVD writer to be used either at home or on the move.

The eSAU108 drive, like its predecessor, is compact, mobile and has a strong emphasis on reducing power consumption, with the ability for users to connect to either a standard AC power source, or via a USB cable to their PC or notebook. Furthermore, the drive offers functions to reduce power usage by 40-60% depending on media, in order to conserve energy or to provide more smooth writing sessions when running from a lower-powered notebook.

The eSAU108 will retail for approximately £60. It is available now across Europe in white, blue, black and burgundy.

A detailed specification can be found online at:

About PLDS:
PLDS (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) is a joint venture between Royal Philips Electronics and Lite-On IT Corporation, established in 2007 and active in the market of Optical Disc Drives (ODD). The combination of a strong R&D-focus and access to enormous production capacity makes PLDS an industry leading company. PLDS has the brands Lite-On, HP (under exclusive license) in its portfolio.
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