vReveal 2.0 is here.... HD video enhancments in real time.

April 23, 2010 | 15:40

Companies: #motiondsp

MotionDSP has released vReveal 2.0, the latest version of its award-winning consumer video enhancement software. VReveal 2.0 provides support for high-definition (HD) videos. Plus, for the first time, vReveal software for Windows is available for download from the vReveal and NVIDIA websites in a free version and a premium version. In both versions of vReveal, video enhancement processing runs up to 5x faster on CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs) than on CPUs, enabling real-time HD enhancement capability.

vReveal video enhancement features include:

vReveal and vReveal Premium:

* Stabilize – Makes shaky, jittery videos steadier.
* Auto Contrast – Improves the contrast of videos that are too dark or too washed out.
* Auto White Balance – Improves color balance to give a more natural look to things like skin tone.
* Sharpen – Add sharper edges to blurry or soft-focus videos.
* Fill Light – Brighten up poorly-lit videos.
* Deinterlace – Removes the jagged edges of interlaced videos from DV cameras or digitized VHS tapes.

vReveal Premium, only:

* Clean – Remove grainy video noise and pixilation from videos that were shot in poor lighting or with too much compression.
* Super-Resolution – Add real detail to videos to improve the viewing experience on big-screen HDTVs and monitors.

“Real-time enhancements to HD video were previously unheard of, but NVIDIA GPUs and vReveal make it possible,” said Michael Steele, General Manger of Visual Consumer Solutions. “By pushing the envelope of GPU computing and CUDA technology, MotionDSP gives consumers a great experience when working with their digital media.”

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