User Friendly Sticky Notes App is Now Available for iPad

April 22, 2010 | 03:57

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abcNotes: User Friendly Sticky Notes App is Now Available for iPad

ALSEDI Group has released abcNotes for iPad - an elegant productivity app to simulate sticky notes. Now any schedule, however overloaded it may be, will never look boring and depressing again, as abcNotes imparts fresh colors to it.

Human memory has never been perfect: people can fail to attend an important meeting or forget a significant date because they have not put it down somewhere where it can be easily accessible. Separate pieces of paper are no longer an option, as they tend to be lost - that's why ALSEDI Group has introduced abcNotes.

Celebrating the time when nature reawakens and inspires people to change their life for the better, the company provides the app to schedule these changes. Various fonts, colors and sizes are bound to meet any requirements and satisfy user's imagination.

Having taken the place of precisely aligned columns of the timetable, the Notes can be rotated at any angle, moved and scaled independently of iPad orientation. Now they can be even emailed and moved to another desktop. When set as a background, abcNotes serve as the best reminder making it easy to keep all the important information at hand. And don't worry that one desktop won't be enough for all the notes: the problem is easy to solve because there are 6 virtual desktops with 50 backgrounds. Vladstudio that has been known for its stylish wallpapers, e-cards, icons and puzzles has already designed over 50 nifty backgrounds for abcNotes to choose from.

This easy-to-use application will steal only one flying moment. Tap a button to create a note, double tap to edit it, drag it with an elegant swing of a finger, and a nice note is ready.

For the users of this application life will seem more like a game, in which abcNotes will definitely turn them into winners.

Pricing and Availability
abcNotes is compatible with Apple iPad and costs only $1.99.

About ALSEDI Group

Since 2000 ALSEDI Group has been widely known as the leading developer of privacy and security solutions. Its flagship products that have been acknowledged and awarded worldwide allow solving major security issues, and thus the company fulfills its primary goal.
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