PowerGramo Enterprise: Advanced Skype Recorder with Video Recording Options Update

May 11, 2010 | 06:22

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owerGramo Enterprise: Advanced Skype Recorder with Video Recording Options Update

PowerGramo Enterprise - new version of Skype recorder software - provides tailored solutions to different audio and video calls recording types as well as other data transformations and stands out as an all-in-one tool for its versatile saving and editing options, embedded players, automatic operation, instant connection with a server and synchronized audio and video signals.

Business-oriented and easily manageable, changes newly introduced into the upgrade software facilitate recording of online interviews, negotiations and conferences conducted over Skype and enable monitoring of messages and calls made by the employees. Having created a local network in the office it will become possible to handle all the recorded files together on the server computer thus saving time and boosting productive efficiency.

Video and audio calls, chat messages, memos and information about the program users can be saved in one and the same easily convertible .pga file and then replayed using the embedded players so that the conversation is fully reproduced. Now there is no need to use other player programs and this feature is another proof that PowerGramo Enterprise is a complex solution. Moreover the program supports separate recording of speakers' voices as well and offers a wide range of options to manage files in every possible way: delete or add password protection, rename and modify, replay or export in different formats including mp3, wma, ogg, wav and now in the avi format added in the version as an additional bonus. And more important is that having been exported audio and video signals remain adequately synchronized.

Operating absolutely automatically PowerGramo Enterprise registers and records all the calls with no exception to the cases when the user cannot answer them. Because when it happens the automatic message machine comes in handy taking incoming calls or sending personalized audio or text messages. When used a lot the program does not fail because the recording length is unlimited.

Given all the advantages of the new version and high quality of the recording it has remained easy to install and operate and affordable for all the Skype users.

Pricing and Availability
PowerGramo Enterprise is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, and Windows 7 for both 32 and 64 bits and it supports all currently available Skype versions. The Single User License costs from $14.95. Licenses are valid for lifetime and moveable between computers.

Product page: www.powergramo.com
Download link: www.powergramo.com/download/
Press release online: www.powergramo.com/press/2010-05-04.htm

About Freebird Team
Freebird Team is an independent team consisting of four members who aspire to create winning VoIP recording solutions. Its major products are PowerGramo and vEmotion, which have already proved effective and reliable.
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