New version of Boxee, including access to thousands of free movies

August 26, 2010 | 09:35

Companies: #boxee

We launched a new version of the Boxee Beta today (

As part of this version we have opened up our Movie Library (click on Movies from the main screen, then select “Movie Library” from the sidebar). It includes thousands of movies from launch partners: EZTakes (, Indie Movies Online (, MUBI ( and Openfilm ( Most of these movies are available for free (ad supported) and we’ve made sure international users will have many options as well.

The Movie Library makes it easy to find, watch or queue movies you like. This new library is still a bit rough around the edges (you’ll notice some movie artwork is missing), but we wanted to share it with you sooner rather than later. Building off this initial foundation, the Movie Library will grow to include movies from additional online movie services and directly from studios. While the movie selection will grow, the experience and ease of discovery will remain the same.

As always this latest version of the Boxee Beta includes many bug fixes (more than 100 in this latest build).
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