New iolo System Shield 4 Blocks Viruses and Spyware without Compromising PC Performance

March 29, 2010 | 14:28

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LONDON, UK - 29 March 2010 - iolo technologies, the makers of System
Mechanic, the #1 best-selling PC tune-up product, announced today the launch
of System Shield(r) 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware. System Shield is designed
for absolute protection and maximum performance, ensuring computers are not
only safe from malware and other threats, but that they suffer none of the
slowdowns and performance loss so commonly experienced with other Internet
security products.

In what has become a feature-quantity race over the past several years,
with antivirus companies choosing to compete solely on the number of new and
creative ways they can detect and stop PC threats, the industry has largely
neglected the significant performance impact each additional layer of
protection has on users' computers. While a small number of software
manufacturers have begun to recognise this and take initial steps to
mitigate the issue, iolo Labs research shows that many popular brands still
slow down users' systems as much as 50 percent, which represents an
unacceptable compromise for performance-minded users.

In today's landscape where the classic virus epidemics seen in the late
90's and early 2000's are increasingly rare, many experts argue that
antivirus technology itself has become a commodity, and buyers should
instead focus on unobtrusiveness and low resource consumption. iolo is the
first to leverage its 12 years' experience as a global leader in PC
performance software to create a product that prioritises operational
efficiency from the ground up. The resulting effort has yielded very
promising results, with research showing that System Shield 4 exhibits an
average of less than 0.3 percent impact on computer systems tested, compared
to an average of nearly 25 percent impact from several common brands.

Committed to an all-in-one yet lightweight approach to security, System
Shield 4 is designed with a specific set of must-have components, avoiding
the unneeded add-ons and superfluous feature lists of competing products.
The four cornerstones of the product are:
* iolo AntiVirus(tm): With real-time updates, existing virus infestations
are exterminated and PCs are proactively protected against any new attacks.
* iolo AntiSpyware(tm): Eradicates all forms of spyware parasites,
protecting users from Internet crime and restoring PC performance and
* Sentient(tm) Technology: Proprietary artificial intelligence heuristics
instantly recognise malicious behaviour to neutralise mutations and
yet-unclassified threats.
* HyperScan(tm) Technology: Exclusive, high-performance, always-on threat
detection creates an impenetrable shield without any negative impact on
system speed.

"Because so many Internet security products slow PCs down to a crawl, many
users - myself included - often opted to remain vulnerable rather than
endure the hassles associated with an underperforming system. However, I've
always believed that PC speed and security shouldn't be a mutually exclusive
experience for computer users," said Dennis Bottrell, iolo technologies'
vice president of product technology. "We created System Shield 4 with
maximum performance in mind, while ensuring complete protection from all
forms of malicious programmes or threats. As someone who personally demands
absolute efficiency from my machines, I can honestly say that System Shield
4 is the only security programme I've ever had installed for more than a few
hours. We've made real believers out of ourselves."

In order to achieve success in the design of System Shield 4, iolo
challenged itself to create an effective solution that even the most
sensitive gamers, artists, musicians, programmers, and other power users -
including themselves - would actually use, without feeling the need to
disable it in order to eliminate the lag normally associated with these
products. After nearly three years of ongoing research and development,
thousands of interviews with customers, friends, family, and co-workers who
had all but sworn off security software due to performance annoyances,
System Shield 4 is set to prove that security and speed can indeed be
experienced simultaneously. With an easy to use interface and light use of
resources, System Shield 4 is ideal for both novices and experts looking for
a comprehensive security solution.

System Shield 4 supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Vista,
and XP and works on all netbooks, laptops and desktops. It retails for
£19.99 including VAT and is currently available directly from iolo at, as well as from popular retail and online stores such as QVC,
PC World and Amazon. In addition to its availability as a standalone
product, System Shield 4's cutting-edge technology is included in System
Mechanic 9.5 Professional as a free upgrade for all users with an active
iolo service plan.

System Shield rids PCs of dangerous viruses and spyware using a
high-performance real-time engine that offers maximum security with
virtually no impact to system resources. For more information see

Crowned the Fastest-Growing Company in the United States for 2009 by the
American Business Awards, iolo technologies, LLC ( produces
award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows
computers. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles, iolo has
presence in 33 countries, more than 23 million users worldwide, and hundreds
of awards from industry analysts and media. The iolo product line includes
System Mechanic(r), the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software; System Mechanic
Professional(r), an all-in-one suite of both PC tune-up and security tools;
Search and Recover(tm), a powerful data recovery tool for retrieving deleted
files and photos; DriveScrubber(r), the #1 best-selling utility for
permanently erasing data from hard drives; and System Shield(r), antivirus
and antispyware software. For more information see
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