Glasscubes Helps Non-Profits Increase Efficiency, Improve Communication

April 16, 2010 | 05:12

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Internet helps bring together process and reduce cost

LONDON, 14th April, 2010 - Even as the overall economy starts to show signs of strengthening, non-profits (also known as not-for-profit organisations) are still stretched thin - explaining why they continue to search for tools that can increase efficiency, improve communication with volunteers and donors, and strengthen collaboration.

The Internet makes it easier for organisations of all sizes to communicate and share documents more effectively. But outdated collaboration processes are wasting non-profits’ time and money.

Document management systems have helped non-profits improve internal efficiency, but extending these systems to volunteers and donors has proved much more difficult. Internet connectivity now provides the non-profit worker with incredible reach, but productivity is still constrained by the high cost of office productivity tools.

And, that’s where Glasscubes - a suite of easy-to-use online productivity tools - can help. For example:

• Create a secure workspace where you can disseminate information to key volunteers -- and ask them for feedback. In addition to sharing FAQs, news and announcements and requests for volunteer support, use Glasscubes' ‘poll’ feature to ask for their input and feedback. Give this valuable group a voice... and incorporate their feedback and experiences to make your organisation that much stronger.
• Board members are busy, so non-profits ought to look for opportunities to decrease the number of meetings. Sometimes, decisions and discussions can be had without meetings. Avoid forgetting to CC someone on an important e-mail by creating a workspace just for board members. Use this space to collaborate, discuss ideas, provide updates and ask for input.
• Glasscubes also incorporate a ‘lite’ contact management system, helpful for improving donor relations. Share contact information internally, notate nuances and details about key donors, manage leads, and record donor issues and opportunities.
• Create an online workspace to serve as the hub for event planning. This provides a central hub to discuss logistics; share event updates; collect feedback on invitations and the program; and assign and track action items. Getting more accomplished with fewer meetings!

Part of Glascubes’ commitment to helping non-profits do more with less includes a special, significantly discounted rate. Interested in learning more? Contact

About Glasscubes
Glasscubes is a privately funded, UK company that was created in the autumn of 2008, at the beginning of the financial crisis. The aim of the company has always been to help small and medium-size businesses be more productive without exploding their budget. Glasscubes does this through its simple online service that brings together branded intranet, document management, project management and simple CRM. To make this affordable to all companies, the entry level version is free and there are also several low-cost monthly packages to choose from. For more information on Glasscubes, please visit
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