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October 12, 2010 | 04:05

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API Developer Center Shapes Evolution of Online, Mobile and Connected Devices – Enables Developers to Integrate Word Discovery into Endless Range of Applications

OAKLAND, Calif., September 30, 2010 – Today Dictionary.com (www.dictionary.com), the leading online and mobile dictionary, announced the launch of its API Developer Center (developer.dictionary.com), a user-friendly distribution channel for its easy to integrate open API. The Center demonstrates Dictionary.com’s commitment to shaping the evolution of online, mobile and connected devices by providing ‘information in the moment,’ enabling developers to integrate its content and features into not only digital learning and entertainment platforms, but an endless range of applications across all platforms. Additionally, the Center will offer developers opportunities for heightened visibility via a visual gallery highlighting creative uses of the API.

“People want access to word definitions in context, without navigating away from what they are doing – Dictionary.com’s vision with the API Developer Center is to make this the standard online and mobile experience,” said Shravan Goli, President, Dictionary.com. “Now literally every developer of any application that utilizes words can integrate Dictionary.com’s content and features so that their users can effortlessly experience word discovery.”

In addition to allowing free use of the API Developer Center for non-commercial usage, Dictionary.com will offer its full content and features for commercial use based on revenue-share and fee-based agreements, providing a solid business model for developers to monetize their innovations. Dictionary.com aims to foster developer creativity, and will feature a visual gallery showcasing innovative apps created using the API, giving developers the chance to benefit from its enormous base of 50 million worldwide unique users per month. Dictionary.com will also regularly feature the best apps on its homepage, offering talented developers an opportunity for a tremendous boost in distribution.

The increasing demand for dictionary-related content and features is demonstrated by the substantial number of marquee brands that have already signed up for the API – to be announced over the course of the next few weeks – and the remarkable success of Dictionary.com’s online and mobile offerings. The API Developer Center addresses this demand with universal access to Dictionary.com’s content, features and functionality – including more than one million definitions, synonyms, spelling suggestions, word origins and proprietary pronunciations recognized as the best in the industry – enabling developers to enhance word games, learning applications and any app utilizing words for online, mobile, eReaders and wireless environments. It also lays the groundwork for continuing application evolution and integration of word discovery into a myriad of emerging technologies such as connected TV.

The Dictionary.com API Developer Center, accessible at developer.dictionary.com, offers a wide array of services, and will empower developers to:
· Create compelling consumer applications
· Enable easy and fast integration with third-party multi-platform applications
· Offer interactive features such as audio pronunciation (premium tier)
· Power dictionary, thesaurus and gaming needs for mobile apps with high-quality content at minimum footprint and cost
· Influence users to return to their site daily with popular features such as the “Word of the Day”

About Dictionary.com
Dictionary.com is the leading provider of online and mobile language reference products and services. The company is an affiliate of Ask.com, the leading brand for questions and answers online. Both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI). Dictionary.com, LLC, includes Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Reference.com and Translator, and serves an average of 50 million unique users worldwide per month (source: 2010 Quantcast data and internal mobile usage data). For more information, please visit www.dictionary.com.
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