Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and GTA V lose key domain names

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November 21, 2012 | 16:24

Companies: #namescouk, one of the UK’s top domain name registrars, has today revealed research finding that Call of Duty and other major video game franchises have become the latest victims of cybersquatting. Activision, makers of Call of Duty Black Ops II, have lost to a blogger and even the popular nickname for the series is parked with adverts as millions of people search for the franchise online.

In addition, Rockstar games, makers of Grand Theft Auto V, have missed out on which is owned by a GTA fan. They own but have lost control of their series, with opportunist cybersquatters holding and to ransom.

Stephen Ewart, Marketing Manager for, explains the findings: “Video games are now one of the biggest entertainment mediums with the original Call of Duty Black Ops passing over the Billion dollar mark, according to Activision. It’s a shame that with video games such big business these games makers have overlooked protecting their brand online and owning the .com and names for the inevitable sequels to their hit series.”

“Hollywood movie houses are often more careful about controlling their online brands. Disney has kept the Toy Story franchise online by protecting the domains and long before these sequels are even officially announced. We believe your name is important to you and that the video games industry needs to take seriously its major titles and make sure future sequels are protected online from cybersquatters.”

Other popular games franchises have also struggled to keep key domain names:

• is protected, but Microsoft have lost out on which describes itself as ‘the unofficial halo website.’ is also taken.
• Action game Uncharted has lost all its web addresses for its series from to
• is squatted, but EA do own the rights to for their new title
• Even huge retro game icons are cybersquatted with and taken. is also filled with adverts.

These tech companies are not, however, alone in losing their domain name disputes. Apple issued legal action to claim back (Source: More recently, in July 2012, Microsoft won back key domains regarding Xbox 8, Xbox Phone and & Xbox Tablet from a Chinese cybersquatter who had beaten the company to the address.

Sally Tomkotowitz, customer acquisition manager, for, added: “These massive companies losing control of key domains issues a good reminder to small businesses that they need to make sure their company names and key products are protected too.”

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