Smashing 8 World Records, with over 50K Visitors: GALAX GOC 2014

December 12, 2014 | 16:25

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Smashing 8 World Records, with over 50K Visitors: GALAX GOC 2014

The GALAX GOC 2014 lived up to it's Legendary OC Expectations by Breaking 8 World Records and having over 50 thousands visitors to the overall showcase. The GOC originally began in 2008 with a few hundred dedicated enthusiasts and has quickly grown to become one of the most globally renowned OC events with thousands of participants, including the best overclockers from around the world. The competition has earned recognition as the premier ground for the most talented hardware enthusiasts, and one overclocking event not to be missed.

Smashing 8 World Records, with over 50K Visitors: GALAX GOC 2014

Smashing 8 World Records, with over 50K Visitors: GALAX GOC 2014

This year, 12 of the world's best overclocking athletes have been invited to take the main stage and go head-to-head for the top world-record-breaking scores:

  • 1) 8 Pack, U.K
  • 2) Hazzan, Indonesia
  • 3) Lucky_n00b, Indonesia
  • 4) SHIMIZU, Japan
  • 5) Scheele, China
  • 6) DFORDOG, China
  • 7) Vivi, South Africa
  • 8) X800PRO, China
  • 9) Xtreme Addict, Poland
  • 10) dRweEz, South Africa
  • 11) giorgioprimo, Italy
  • 12) Micka China
  • DUCK Japan
  • Fred Yama Japan
  • MAD TSE Hong Kong, China
  • Ronaldo Buassali Brazil
  • Pasi Virtanen Finland
Smashing 8 World Records, with over 50K Visitors: GALAX GOC 2014

Competition Benchmarks

The competition is split in two parts. 2D and 3D. For the 2D part, there is only one benchmark: SuperPi 32M. And for the 3D stages, we will have a selection of 3DMark 11 Performance, Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme.

Point calculation as follow based on rank: 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.
Cash prizes for the top ranked will be distributed as such: $3000 / $2000 / $1000

Day 1: Solo 2D and 3D Benching

Day 1 involved the serious competitive stuff with cash prizes available for winners. 1st place won $3,000, 2nd place $2,000 and 3rd place won $3,000.

Benchmarks used as below:

  • SuperPi 32M
3DMark 11 Performance
3DMark Fire Strike
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

Points were calculated and spread out in increments of 2, i.e. thusly: 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2.

Day 2: OC Record Day

Day 2 was a simpler affair where all overclockers are encouraged to simply break records. All contestants were allowed to use their own CPU but could also use the one from Day 1 if needed. Any platform was welcome and GALAX DDR4 was made available to contestants. All validated records broken on the day received USD $500 in raw cash! Here’s a list of benchmarks which, with exception of memory clock frequency, are predominantly 3D oriented, a great way for GALAX to showcase their GALAX GTX 980 Hall Of Fame cards.
  • 3DMark Fire Strike, Extreme & Ultra
3DMark11 Performance & Extreme

  • 3DMark Vantage Performance & Extreme

  • 3DMark Cloud Gate

  • 3DMark Ice Storm
  • Memory Frequency

GOC 2014 - Results

Solo 2D and 3D Benching

1st – 8 Pack with 94 points (USD $3000)
2nd – Vivi with 84 points (USD $2000)
3rd – Lucky_n00b with 74 points (USD $1000)

New World Records:

Total 8 new world records

8 Pack
3DMark11(P) : 28429
3DMark11(E) : 10822
3DMark Vantage : 78397

3DMark FS : 31123 (2x SLI)
3DMark FSE : 16822 (2x SLI)
3DMark FSU : 9048 (2x SLI)

3DMark Cloud Gate : 58524

Lucky_n00b/ SHIMIZU
3DMark ICE STORM : 291401

For further event coverage visit:

You can also watch OverClocking-TV's YouTube coverage of the event here.

About GALAX. Originally founded in 1994 as Galaxy Microsystems, GALAX has grown exponentially in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, China and Europe. After years of private labeling for many tier one brands in the US; in 2007 Galaxy entered the US etail and channel market. As consumer demand increased, Galaxy entered the retail space in 2009 to help further distribute their aggressively priced high quality cards. To better serve our growing global customer base, Galaxy merged with its European brand KFA2 in 2014 to form GALAX. For further information about GALAX, visit

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