VeryPC Smash The New Energy Standard

July 3, 2009 | 18:22

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Just meeting a standard simply isn’t good enough for eco-computer manufacturer VeryPC. The award winning maker of super low energy computers is showing the rest of the IT world that targets are made to be beaten, and beaten by a large margin too. Every single GreenPC manufactured by VeryPC at their environmentally friendly factory in Sheffield, UK beats the new Energy Star 5.0 standard by at least 38%, all the way up to as much as 71%.

The Big IT companies are quick to point out their individual models which meet the new standard, but how many can measure up to the kind of standards being set by VeryPC? This kind of efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of performance either. In fact the company mantra of Very PC is ‘ecology, economy, performance’, as MD Peter Hopton explains:

“’Ecology’ means that we build our GreenPCs from smaller, cleaner components to reduce the embedded carbon footprint. We avoid unsustainable materials like plastics as much as possible and focus on recyclable materials like aluminium. ‘Economy’ relates to the significant energy savings made using a VeryPC GreenPC rather than the equivalent Big IT machine. ‘Performance’ means that by using a VeryPC GreenPC, you get every bit of computing performance that you need and expect. We have no interest in building an energy efficient machine that is not fit for the job. All our GreenPCs are built to perform without compromise.”

For example, the TT3V, VeryPC’s latest GreenPC, with vPro remote assistance from Intel, kitted out with 4 GB of RAM and an Intel quad core 2.83 GHz processor has a Total Energy Consumption (TEC) of 109.2 KWh per year. The Energy Star 5.0 pass mark is 234 KWh per year, meaning it beats the standard by over 50%.

Energy Star 5.0 became effective on 1st July 2009, and represents a step forward in the way computer equipment is rated, being stricter in its compliance levels and more exhaustive in the way energy consumption is calculated. In the EU, rule 106/2008 says that Energy Star is the minimum efficiency measure for new desktop PCs procured for Public Sector bodies. This means that many desktop computers on the market right now are no longer suitable for schools, hospitals, government etc.

“I’m immensely proud to say that all of VeryPC’s GreenPCs beat the Energy Star 5.0 standard by a significant margin, and in some cases by a factor of 3 times,” says Peter. “We never wanted to do just enough to comply with standards; we want to set the standard. By smashing the Energy Star 5.0 benchmark, we’re setting an example to the rest of the IT industry.”

Energy saving doesn’t stop with the way the computers are built at VeryPC. Peter Hopton tells us of a new kind of energy management, software based, coming soon: “EPM, or Eco-Power Management software extends the energy savings you can make using your computer by controlling the system settings as you go along. We’re particularly excited about our in-house development, ‘PecoBOO’, which uses facial detection to turn your monitor off when you are not looking at it and back on when you turn back to your computer. We’re right in the pre-release stage now, so watch this space.”
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