SilverStone PSUs - up to 1500W attend Kingpin and Shamino from EVGA Overclocking Team

July 19, 2009 | 10:15

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July 17, 2009 [Taipei, Taiwan] SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd., one of the
leaders in consumer PC power supplies, proudly announces the spectacular
achievements of the EVGA overclocking team, led by Kingpin and Shamino,
two of the most prolific overclockers in the world in breaking all existing
3DMark records. The world record runs were made on June 27, 2009 with
a pair of NVIDIA GeForce GTX295 and an Intel Xeon W3540 CPU. The CPU
was super cooled by the use liquid helium to around 240°C which enabled an
incredible overclock of 5.069GHz from the default speed of 2.39GHz. To
cope with this massive increase in power draw from the overclocked CPU and
system, Kingpin and Shamino relied on SilverStone’s OP1200 and the newly
release Strider ST1500 power supplies.

With carefully selected high quality components and advanced designs, the
new SilverStone ST1500 power supply is designed to be a great enthusiast
product. Its eight +12V rails (each with 30A peak), 110A combined +12V
power at 40°C, 100% modular cabling system, and super quiet 19dBA
135mm fan makes this power supply highly flexible in delivering incredible
power outputs. Certified as an 80 PLUS Silver model, the ST1500 rated at
1500W is also very efficient and can operate as quietly as most 500W power
supplies on the market.

For overclockers and enthusiasts looking to step up to the top level of power
output and stability without sacrifice to quietness and efficiency, the Strider
ST1500 is definitely the dream PSU to have!

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