Scythe Ninja Wire & Slim-Line SATA Cable

July 24, 2009 | 14:15

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New, useful PC accessory by Scythe

Hamburg, 23th July 2009: Scythe hereby officially announces the availability of new pc accessories Scythe Ninja Wire and Slim-Line SATA Cable.

The Ninja Wire is a slim steel wire rope with hooks on both ends, with which you can stabilize particularly heavy components inside the computer, like heavy-weight cpu coolers or graphic cards. Thus, the burden of the motherboard is decreased and even cpu coolers like the Scythe Orochi can be installed without worries. An ultimate load of 2 kg and a length of 1 m enable multiple types of usage even outside the pc case, e.g. hanging or crabbing of random objects. The Ninja Wire is available from now on and is offered at a recommended retail price of 5.90 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 8.50 (excluding TAX)..

With the Slim-Line SATA Cable, you get a cable that is designed for data transfer and as an adapter. The 45-cm-long cable is suitable for usage in htpcs, for instance, and connects the sata-slot of the motherboard with an installed slim-line drive. Consequently, you can from now on connect this popular type of drives with the sata-slot with ease, which allows running it with every current motherboard. The power connection, which you need to run the drive, is integrated in the cable. The speed of the data connection is 3 GBit/s. The Slim-Line SATA Cable receives a recommended retail price of 4.15 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 5.50 (excluding TAX). and is in stores now.
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