In-Win Development Inc. : AMMO the latest HDD external enclosure with RFID

July 3, 2009 | 18:18

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Ammo, 2.5 inch External HD Enclosure

“Locked and loaded” is an excellent way to describe the all-new Ammo 2.5 inch external HD enclosure from In Win. Its look and features truly set it apart from other enclosure designs. The words protection and shield are synonymous with the Ammo, as its external and internal shells are truly one of a kind. The casing of the Ammo is enforced with a Military standard MIL-STD 810F shock and vibration testing approval adding supreme protection in harsh and bumpy conditions.

● Military theme
Fashioned to resemble an ammunitions cartridge, the Ammo comes prepared to protect your HD with anything you have thrown at it. Perfect for those always on the go, the Ammo slips easily into a briefcase or backpack and will take on any bumps that come its way.
● Shock and vibration absorbing
The exterior of the unit is able to withstand substantial force and stress while protecting the hard drive within. Indented grooves along the sides of the device not only give the Ammo its character, but help provide an anti-vibration feature. The interior is lined with internal silicon absorbers that reduce vibrations and internal collisions.

● RFID security technology
Fitted with RFID Security, the Ammo is unlocked by passing a dog-tag key across the front of the device. Helping provide only the best and latest in technology, the RFID Security protects your information in case it crosses enemy lines.

The Ammo packs a serious punch when it comes to HD enclosure design, and lists a resume of awards that are impressive and rightfully earned. Receiving the reddot Product Design Award and CES Honoree Innovation Award, the Ammo boasts of a design that is unique and innovative. Awards aside, the central characteristic of the Ammo is its ability to endure and protect. Whether it is the external casing stronghold or ability to protect stored information through its security feature, the Ammo is one tough unit that delivers in every aspect.
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