Griffin + Chilewich = Great Engineering and Great Design

June 12, 2010 | 06:05

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London, UK, 10 June 2010 - Griffin Technology Inc., the maker of ingenious ways to power, play, protect and connect, this month announces a collaboration with Chilewich l Sultan LLC, the design innovator of modern vinyl textiles. The result is a collection of accessories, co-branded: Griffin + Chilewich.

The first Griffin + Chilewich accessory, Elan Form Chilewich for iPhone 3GS, is available this month at select Apple Retail Stores, as well as online at, and

The partnership began with Griffin's quest for new premium, designer-quality materials, a search that led to woven vinyl. No designer has put more thought and development into woven vinyl than Sandy Chilewich, founder and creative director of Chilewich l Sultan LLC. A dialog began between the two companies and a unique opportunity to collaborate emerged.

"Weaving with extruded vinyl yarn provides me with endless design possibilities...the intrinsic sheen of the yarn, its durability and the fact that it can be washed makes the finished textile modern, elegant, and functional." said Sandy Chilewich, Chilewich l Sultan LLC.

"As technology becomes more integrated in our lives, it's a natural extension for people to want something that represents them," said George Campbell, Director of Industrial Design at Griffin Technology Inc. "For this reason, fashion is a natural fit with technology."

As its first offering in a collection of accessories featuring Chilewich Mini Basketweave woven vinyl, the Griffin + Chilewich cooperative introduces Elan Form Chilewich for iPhone 3GS. A durable and impact-resistant Griffin-engineered polycarbonate shell provides the foundation of the case. Chilewich's Mini Basketweave is wrapped around the shell, resulting in a case that is both rugged and beautiful. The woven textile is easy to keep clean and designed to look great for a lifetime. The two-piece Griffin EasyDockTM design provides access to all controls and ports, and allows quick docking without removing the case.

Available in Light Grey, Elan Form Chilewich for iPhone 3GS is a distinct combination of style, comfort, and durability that is the essential complement to a fashionable tech lifestyle. For more information on the Griffin + Chilewich partnership, visit
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