MSI All-in-One - All-New Commercial Models: Extending All Kinds of Application Stacks

June 9, 2010 // 3:03 a.m.

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For All Walks of Life
All-New Commercial Models: Extending All Kinds of Application Stacks

[Taipei] At COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, global technology leader and prominent manufacturer MSI will display an alternative type of All-in-One touchscreen computer for different commercial applications. This All-in-One's applications can be extended to all kinds of industries, including use as gallery/museum guides, hospital outpatient services inquiries, and classroom learning uses. All-in-One multi-touch computer applications are no longer limited to home entertainment centers or personal desktop computers—they have become an interface for interactive exchange of information. To conform to the diverse needs of different commercial situations, MSI has especially created the all-new 19" and 20" Wind Top AP1920/AP2000 commercial models that feature single-touch functionality for easy browsing of all types of information. In addition, MSI's commercial models all emphasize power conservation; the entire series of commercial All-in-One PCs all have earned the US EPA's Energy Star label and conform to the EU's latest 2010 ErP Directive. MSI's All-in-One touchscreen PCs are the world's first All-in-One computers to receive Taiwan's Green Mark and the EU Flower mark. By starting out with a green enterprise/eco-friendly concept, MSI emphasized that cherishing the earth begins with using the right kind of computer.

For All Walks of Life –Every Industry Needs All-in-One PCs
The release of MSI's All-in-One commercial models, the Wind Top AP1920 and AP2000, featuring strengthened processing and memory performance with the Intel® Core™ i3 processor and DDR3 memory, which can increase efficiency in all different types of commercial applications. Since MSI first released All-in-One touchscreen computers, the company has continually worked to develop new commercial application markets. Some applications include the use of touchscreen computers in educational settings, installing All-in-One touchscreen PCs at hospitals to supply patents with outpatient information or registration services; or using All-in-One PCs in museums or galleries to provide guided in-house tours of exhibitions and displays. All of these applications can be handled by MSI All-in-One computers because of two concepts: touchscreen and unibody design, both of which extend out to the newest applications. When the Wind Top AP2000 is unveiled for the first time at COMPUTEX, it will sport an all-new exterior look that features a baseless design to provide greater stability when placed on a desk. And with adjustable viewing angle and height, it conforms to the needs of different commercial situations. The Wind Top AP2000 can be fitted with the latest Intel® Core™ i3 processor with Intel’s H55 chip and provides abundant IO ports, outstanding performance and expandability while also being equally suitable for use as an office PC.
Green & Eco-Friendly with Low Power Consumption
The entire MSI Wind Top All-in-One PC series has earned the US EPA's Energy Star label and conforms to the EU's newest 2010 ErP Directive. Average hourly power consumption is reduced by up to 90% or more compared to a traditional 300W PC. At the same time, with the EuP focus on reduced power consumption in personal computers, the advancement of energy efficiency, improvements in decreasing noise, reductions fan noise, lower temperature, and decreasing the amount of toxic substances used are all now completely standard. MSI's All-in-One touchscreen computers are also the world's first All-in-One PCs to earn Taiwan's Green Mark, which is certified by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). Earning the Green Mark requires passing stringent EPA standards, and product power consumption levels must all comply with power saving standards set by the EPA. Products that apply for the Green Mark label must all be able to be disassembled to facilitate easy recycling. In addition to the product's own design, the packaging the product is shipped in must also use a recycled paper mix that makes up 80% or more of all packaging materials. Meanwhile, MSI's All-in-One PCs have also become the world's first All-in-One PC to earn the EU Flower label. MSI's All-in-One PCs are based on the concept of practical green products; green, eco-friendly concepts are incorporated into the details of every product—underscoring the company’s attentiveness towards being environmental friendly. The energy savings and reduced carbon demands emphasized by MSI All-in-One PCs are feasible in every type of commercial application and advance the promotion of green environmental protection.
At this year's COMPUTEX, MSI will exhibit a variety of commercial application models. In addition to the Wind Top AP1920/AP2000 designed for professional markets, 19", 20", 22" and 24" models that can all be specially tailored to suit business needs will also be on display. Designed around a green concept, these power-saving, carbon-reducing All-in-One PCs will bring a fresh and healthy vigor to this year's COMPUTEX.

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About MSI

Established in 1986, MIS is a world-class IT vendor. With a management philosophy based around the concept of “Insist on the best,” MSI has built on its many years of experience in motherboard and graphics card R&D and production to expand into new business areas that include notebook PCs, all-in-one PCs and in-car audiovisual systems. As part of the company’s drive to establish itself as a leading global brand, MSI has introduced a new corporate identification system (CIS), which symbolizes MSI’s advance into a new era of branded manufacturing. Leveraging its high production capacity, advanced technology, high quality and strong R&D capabilities, MSI is working to establish itself as one of the world’s top ten notebook PC brands by 2010, and as one of the top ten PC system brands by 2012. While emphasizing market development, MSI is also committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, focusing on environmental protection and making a meaningful contribution to society. In March 2009, MSI was ranked by CommonWealth magazine as one of Taiwan’s Top 50 Corporate Citizens, and was also included in Global Views Monthly’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Top 70. In the future, MSI will be maintaining its commitment to CSR, and will continue to adhere to a management philosophy that emphasizes concern for society as a whole and MSI’s role as a global citizen. MSI will be taking practical steps to make a real contribution towards the well-being of the general public, in line with the company’s vision of “Beautiful Lives and Green Homes.”

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