Cryo Performance announces new Core i7 products: Setting New Custom PC Benchmark Record

January 27, 2009 | 16:02

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In November-December 2008 Cryo Performance refreshed their desktop product line with the new Core i7 processors and X58 chipset from Intel with record breaking results.

Cryo PC Buckingham Labs, December, 2008: The Cryo PC engineering team responded to the gauntlet lay down by Custom PC to submit their new range of Intel Core i7 Desktop PC’s to the Custom PC benchmark leader board challenge by setting a new record breaking score of 2,535. The score was set with the extreme water cooled Cryo Velox with the Intel Core i7 965 processor and SSD based system drive.

In November 2008 Cryo PC launched their first Core i7 based design, the Cryo Tetrad. It was the result of long and late hours of a lot of R&D work to get the best out of the changes in cache architecture, the increased memory bandwidth, and the on chip memory controller. Now the whole range including the Cryo Tetrad (the new entry level quad processor), the Cryo Extreme and Cryo Velox are all benefiting from being based on Intel Core i7 designs.

Cryo PC based the Tetrad design on the highly successful formula of the Core 2 based Cryo Extreme and made a few changes to give the Tetrad that next step-up in performance, adding:

Core i7 965 Extreme CPU
X58 chipset supporting up to 12GB of triple channel memory
A Primary SSD and Secondary RAID0 1.2TB high performance Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB drives
and higher speed memory options

The Tetrad build went straight into Custom PC's benchmark leader board at number five, with no benchmark optimisation. Shortly afterwards in December the Cryo Velox stole the number 1 spot with the fastest and record holding Custom PC benchmark. The design and optimisation Cryo PC have done to the Core i7 has proved its worth. The product range comes with the same huge range of options available and personal service as the previous Core 2 based builds. They are of course all Cryo Boost™ optimised and overclocked in the price so that you too can own your very own benchmark record breaker.

Quietly in the labs unofficially the record has been stretched still further with the development of the new Cryo Genesis, a phase change version of the Velox with some special modifications and optimizations. Watch the Custom PC leader board for the next new record.
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