Plustek Helps Drive Down Emergency Service Accidents

January 23, 2010 | 11:27

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Fire Station Installs NVR 4200V In-Vehicle Video Recorder

TELFORD, 20th January, 2010 - Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices (including portable scanners, sheetfed/flatbed scanners, wide-format scanners and IP surveillance equipment), is pleased to announce that the Rendsburg Fire Station, Germany, has successfully trialled Plustek’s mobile network video recorder and is now deploying the systems throughout its fleet.

The Rendsburg Fire Station has installed on each vehicle one Plustek NVR 4200V and two AXIS 209MFD network cameras. The solution includes wireless data transmission to allow true 'real time monitoring' from either back at base or any PC/laptop/phone with access to the Internet. This solution will help to monitor emergency driving and incident reporting in order to help drive down accidents from fire engines on the road and increase their efficiency.

The security installation provides emergency staff with video access to all vehicles over IP, allowing the viewing of live or recorded video from the NVR 4200V’s internal hard disk drive. The ability to review a fire engine’s course of action in an emergency callout is vital for improving safety standards and minimising road accidents.

“We’re delighted that the Rendsburg Fire Station has chosen our in-vehicle security solution,” said Plustek’s Business Development Manager, Edward Hill. “Engineered to withstand the heavy vibrations generated by large vehicles such as a fire engine, along with the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations, the NVR 4200V is the ideal choice for dependability, long life, and low maintenance.”

Plustek NVR 4200V

Plustek’s NVR 4200V is a mobile network video recorder specifically designed for transit applications. It is the ideal choice for mobile surveillance in all types of public and commercial vehicles such as fire engines, taxis, vans, buses, trains, trams, limousines and heavy goods vehicles because it can multiplex record up to four cameras at up to 60fps, while concurrently handling panic/system alarms, processing GPS positing data, transmitting positional co-ordinates via SMS and using intelligent power management.

Operating on a Linux framework, the NVR 4200V is less vulnerable to virus attack and offers much lower power consumption than PC-based surveillance solutions. The NVR 4200V records up to four channels in MJPEG format and provides several capturing options, such as alarm recording, schedule recording and manual recordings.

Key Features of the NVR 4200V

* Robust embedded Linux system for low power consumption
* Optimised RISC microprocessor cores for reliable surveillance
* Live view monitoring and real-time recording from IP-based cameras
* Easy access live-view manual PTZ control
* Multiple recording methods: schedule, alarm, and manual recordings
* Dynamic remote monitoring and playback management through Web browsers and MultiManager software (up to 16 channels from PC)
* Supports ActiveX and Java script for various Web browsers on the market
* Multiple levels of security management for user access control
* Maintenance free! Continuous recording, automatic over-write for 24/7 all day/night surveillance
* Ring buffer ability, where old recordings and images can be overwritten automatically or deleted after the user-defined time
* Supports Megapixel IP-based camera recordings
* Withheld ~1G shock vibration test, in accordance to ISO 16750-3.

About Plustek
Respected as one of the world’s leading image solution providers, Plustek manufactures and delivers high quality imaging and security products to buyers worldwide. In business since 1986, Plustek began as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many large companies, creating an innovative array of products including scanners, IP cameras, servers and imaging-related devices. Through a combination of design innovation and strict attention to usability and manufacturing quality, Plustek has grown to become one of the largest image solution providers in the world. From home to back offices, to libraries or paperless offices, Plustek has a tool to get the job done quickly and affordably.

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