GIGABYTE GO/OC Championship - Country Qualifier... are you ready?

February 8, 2009 // 8 p.m.

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GIGABYTE GO/OC 2009 - Battle for the Best X58 O/C

GIGABYTE UK is pleased to announce our very own O/C Championship competition.
A selected few will go head-to-head to compete, right here in the UK.
Where? at the Milton Keynes Xscape - the snow dome...
When? 27 Feb 2009

UK winners will then go compete in Europe (Czech in April '09) for the European final,
then... The final Battle for the Best X58 O/C world-wide will fight to the death in Taiwan during the Computex show (June). Both trips will be sponsored by GIGABYTE

The Battle for the Best X58 - do you have what it takes to represent the UK ?

We would also like to take this time to thank our partners for all the support.
GIGABYTE works very closely with our partners to ensure you have the best hardware
reliability and performance that you would expect.

GIGABYTE will provide the following:

GIGABYTE X58 motherboard
INTEL i7 processor
GIGABYTE NVIDIA graphics card with PhysX enabled [GV-N26OC-896H-B]
KINGSTON DDR3 Memory modules [KHX14400D3K3]
ENERMAX Revolution85+ 1050w PSU
LCD, Mice and Keyboard
Benchmark: Super PI 8M / 3DMark 2006
Utilities: Easy Tune6 / RivaTuner (v2.22) / CPU-Z (v1.49) / GPU-Z (v0.3.1)
LN2 and Thermal flasks will be provided

GIGABYTE rules and regulations:

Hardware and Software will be provided by GIGABYTE
Contestants are not allowed to do any hardware soldering or modification
No 3rd party software/drivers allowed
Points will be awarded based on the results for each bench
You may bring your own multi-meter or digital temperature meter
Please bring your own - LN2 pots for the CPU, insulation tool kits
....................................- Thermal paste, Vaseline, scissors, thermo etc...
....................................- Oh yes, and a hair dryer, so be good to your girlfriend/wife ;-)
GIGABYTE reserves the right to modify/amend in any way

If you would like to get the full Terms and Conditions / rules, or you just need further information, then please contact us directly and we will send you all the details.
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