ViewSonic launches 'Buy and Try' programme - Users to buy and try new product with money back

February 10, 2010 | 10:18

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ViewSonic launches 'Buy and Try' programme

Users to buy and try new product with money back guarantee.

ViewSonic UK, London, February 9th, 2010 - ViewSonic Europe a division of
<> ViewSonic(r) Corp., a leading global provider of
Display, Computer, Consumer electronic and Communication products, today
launched a programme in the UK designed to give users a taste of the new
ViewSonic product ranges.

Buy and Try gives users the chance to buy a selected ViewSonic product, try
it for 30 days and get their money back if they are not entirely satisfied
with the purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

"Contrary to what some other manufacturers will promote, we believe choosing
IT needs to be a highly personal experience and not a commodity purchase.
We want to give our customers the opportunity to see how our products fit
into their lifestyle, rather than ask them to gamble on making decision
based on whatever information is thrown at them at that time." said James
Coulson, European Marketing Manager. "We don't want our customers to feel
there is pressure to make our products fit, find they do not and think badly
of ViewSonic when making a future purchase. We would rather that they have
a positive experience of ViewSonic as a whole."

New ViewBook range

The innovative ViewBook range from ViewSonic is included in the 'Buy and
Try' programme. All based on the new Ultra Thin processor technology from
Intel, powered by the widely acclaimed Windows 7 operating systems, the
entire range offer extended battery life, ultra portable design and superior
LED displays.

With a track record of positive reviews and screen sizes ranging from 12" to
13.3" the new ViewBook range has something to offer every notebook user.

PC Mini Range

re_VOT120-1_front-handBoth the VOT120 and VOT132 have all the connectivity
of commercial desktop, enough processing power to perform commercial desktop
applications, but draw 80% power than most desktops and can fit in the palm
of your hand. Ideal for organisations who are looking to adopt extensive
cost savings without compromising on build quality.

All-in-One PC Systems

Designed to save space, draw less power and integrate into any environment,
the All-in-One systems from ViewSonic constantly deliver. Now encompassing
a Touch re_VPC190-1_leftScreen model for that fully immersive experience.

'Buy and try' - launched through selected retailers only.

The Buy and Try programme will only be applicable on purchases made through
the following nominated Finch Club member retailers: -

Scan <>

Insight <>

Novatech <>

Misco <>

CCL - <>

Ebuyer UK <>

Full details of the initiative and the application process can be found at
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