Acer S273HL WLED display: Unique Slim Design and Eco-friendly advanced performance

July 13, 2010 // 4:24 a.m.

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London, 12th July 2010 – Building on the success of its ultra-slim and award winning Full HD LED display series, Acer expands the S3 series with the new S273HL LCD, the epitome of sophisticated design and top-notch performance endowed with cutting-edge technologies such as ultra-fast response time, stunning contrast ratio (12,000,000:1), two HDMI port and an ample 69 cm (27”) panel.

The Acer S273HL LCD monitor flaunts a razor-thin depth of 21mm, creating a minimalist, professional look. It is encased in a classy black bezel and features a unique asymmetrical shape. Adding form to the elegantly simple design is a cylinder hinge on the rear and an L-shaped base with brushed-metal finish, accented by an LED light that glows in soft blue when the power is turned on. Thanks to its distinctive shape the base can easily accommodate the keyboard, saving precious space, plus it skillfully integrates a speaker for added functionality.

Featuring a stunning 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, optimized by Acer Adaptive Contrast Management, the S2743HL display renders fuller, richer clearer and sharper images by analyzing and adjusting frame by frame, optimizing contrast through enhancement of detail and gradation in bright or dim scenes. Plus, an ultra fast 2 ms response time let users enjoy high quality 3D games and videos without blurring effect.

Behind the tastefully stylish design that will appease even the most sophisticated taste looms a green heart, making this monitor ideal for environmentally conscious users. The S273HL falls under Acer range of EcoDisplays thanks to its energy saving design, exceptional thinness and mercury free materials. What’s more, the S273HL is covered by the Zero bright dot pixel policy for guaranteed display quality.

The S273HL integrates White LED technology that does away with hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases. Plus, compared to the traditional CFFL displays the S273HL can reduce power consumption by up to 63%. This translates to big cost savings, while preserving nature’s energy resources. LED lamp not only ensures exceptional reliability and great savings but delivers a better performance. In fact, it allows the reproduction of a larger color range with better saturation: the result is extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies.

Designed for professional and multimedia enthusiasts, the S273HL comes with a 69 cm (27-inch) panel with Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, enabling jaw-dropping cinematic views of the latest high definition content and it makes the most of advanced Full HD gaming, multimedia and productivity applications. With a 16:9 aspect ratio portrays the perfect fit to watch every bit of a movie with no black stripes, making it possible the reproduction of images without distortion from incompatible aspect ratios. Two integrated HDMI ports provides advanced digital connectivity enabling outstanding high-definition viewing and best quality uncompressed video currently available from the latest digital sources.

The S273HL display takes advantage of the latest display technologies to give users the best viewing experience:

Acer eColor Management technology adapts the performance of the panel to different environments, light conditions and viewing preferences enabling users to fine-tune the display settings by redefining the colour precision according to the work mode: data, media, cinema or images.

Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to achieve ultra-sharp images. Each scene is analysed to fine-tune images frame by frame and enhance colour quality, obtaining a dramatic improvement of gradation and detail, especially in dimmer and brighter scenes. Acer ACM also enables the LCD monitor to use less power and save energy.

Acer eDisplay Management is a powerful tool enabling advanced colour calibration and display management. Each personalized setting can be stored and quickly recalled for different applications and light conditions.

The S273HL is available now for a SRRP of £399.99 Inc Vat.
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