Team Xtreem DDR3-1866 triple channel kit wins VIP Award from PC Professionale

November 28, 2009 // 12:07 p.m.

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The Xtreem DDR3-1866 triple channel kit from Team Technologies is made with high-level chips in a 128x8 configuration to fulfill the performance aspiration of players by surpassing the 44GB/sec bandwidth of competitors. The kit has received continuous media acclaims from home and abroad since it was launched. In the PC component review of October 2009 by PC Professionale, an authoritative Italian PC magazine, the kit was reported in detail and received a 9-score rating among the other 8 brands. More important, the Xtreem DDR3-1866 triple channel kit won the VIP Award from PC Professionale. According to the technical editor of PC Professionale, “Team Technologies has been performing well on the market and become a model of cutting-edge performance. Its Xtreem DDR3-1866 memory kit is a product with outstanding CP value!”

As one of the best-selling and authoritative PC magazine in Italy, PC Professionale is published by The Mondadori Group and is highly respected by most readers. It addition to PC products, the magazine introduces different consumer electronics in detail and tests various products. After rating products in terms of performance, characteristics, designs and prices, editors will give practical comments according to the rating results in order to provide an important purchasing guide for readers.

【About Team Group】
Team Group Inc. is a manufacturer of computer products and consumer electronics, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1994. We manufacture and distribute high quality Memory modules, Memory cards, USB dick, and SSD. Team Group is recognized as one of the leading memory products and consumer electronic manufacturers in the industry. We cover most business regions in the world. Team provides the highest quality products to customers in volume with competitive prices and the best possible after services. Through many years of the close and direct relationships with the leading manufacturers and OEMs, we are able to provide various products even during the shortage and allocation periods. As we continue to grow, we are committed to supporting our customers with superior products, first class service and excellent business growth.
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