Team Recommended by ComputerDIY Xtreem Dark DDR3 1600 Memory Wins Best Performance Award!

May 19, 2010 | 09:23

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Team Xtreem DARK DDR3-1600 OC memory rated “Best Performance” by ComputerDIY.

Devoted to the power user market for years, Team Group Inc. not only announced days before the industry’s fastest Xtreem LV DDR3-2400 overclocking memory, but also has launched a great number of entry-level overclocking products. After reviewing the Team Xtreem DARK DDR3-1600 2GB*2 Kit, ComputerDIY, a famous professional IT magazine in Taiwan, rated the kit “Best Performance” in its March issue. According to the magazine’s technical editor, “The Xtreem DARK DDR3-1600 is equipped with built-in XMP function for users to perform overclocking without running complicated BIOS setup procedures. The aluminum heat sink accompanied with the kit is an effective thermal solution that helps to enhance system stability.1”

ComputerDIY is a famous professional IT magazine published by ComputerDIY Corporation. Apart from providing professional, in-depth and practical information about IT products, the product review reports of the magazine have received critical acclaims from readers. At present, the magazine has 60,000 regular readers, and the number is increasing. Editors of ComputerDIY review various popular consumer electronics from time to time and recommend products with the best performance according to the testing results on performance, characteristics, design, price and others in order to provide readers with a shopping guide.

【About Team Group】
Team Group Inc. was established in 1994 and specializes in the manufacture of memory modules, USB disks and digital Flash memory. With over ten years of experience in the production and sale of computer peripherals, its portfolio includes its own Team branded memory modules, memory cards, USB disks and solid state disks (SSD). We also provide ODM services to many well-known international brands. As part of our long-term international strategy, Team Group has made Taiwan the center of the group's manufacturing, R&D and marketing operations. We are now actively developing our brand through advanced technology, high quality, flexible production, a global sales network and comprehensive after-sales support.
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