MSI Showcase an impressive notebook range at Computex 2010 Performance, Sound and Vision

June 9, 2010 // 2:58 a.m.

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Computex Taipei, Taiwan, 2nd June, 2010 MSI will be showcasing over 30 notebook computers in six major series at this year’s Computex: Experience the ultimate in style (F series), the ultimate in multimedia (G series), the ultimate in slim and light form factors (Wind U and X-Slim series), and the ultimate tablet (MSI Slatebook). MSI strives toward its goal of becoming one of the world’s top ten brands by 2011, by demonstrating significant advances in product performance and stylish design. MSI’s CEO and President Joseph Hsu said ‘since its establishment 23 years ago, MSI has been successfully powering what goes inside 1 in 3 PCs worldwide’. Hsu pointed out that after being the first in the world to unveil the 10” Atom powered Wind U netbook series in 2008 and the slimmest laptop in 2009 with the ultra-light X-Slim series, MSI is now among the top ten brands in some 30 countries worldwide’.

The New MSI F Series
MSI will exclusively showcase five new models from the F series—the FX400, FX600, FR600, FX610 and the FX700. Ranging from 14” to 17” the stylish, feature rich F series is characterised by its fashionable exterior and excellent performance offering an awesome multimedia experience.
MSI worked in close collaboration with internationally renowned sound system experts from Dynaudio and THX to design F series Notebooks to deliver powerful performance with, unprecedented audio clarity.
Powerful Performance:
The FX400, FX600, FR600, and FX700 are equipped with the high performance Intel Core i5 processor. The FX610 comes with AMD’s new Danube Champlain platform built on a more efficient 45-nm process meaning power consumption by the three cores has been reduced to 25 watts, giving the FX610 extended per-charge battery life.
MSI Works in collaboration with audio specialists Dynaudio:
MSI have worked in collaboration with world leaders in sound-system design; Dynaudio and THX to produce notebook computers with unparalleled audio quality. Working closely with Dynaudio MSI developed the optimum sound technology as a result of an extensive study, to determine the ideal locations for speakers to obtain obstruction-free sound transmission.
Over 1200 hours went into testing and tweaking each frequency to obtain the ideal tone and balance meaning you can enjoy crisp, clean sound at all frequency levels.
MSI work with THX:
THX, the internationally renowned authority in sound system technology, worked closely with MSI to develop the entire MSI F series, with the Smart Volume and Surround technologies to create a surround sound environment tailor-made for you.
The Design: The chrome-plated MSI logo set in the centre of the cover accentuates the textured black finish. The textured colour film print coating protects against scratching and wear. Incorporating a textured touchpad and unassuming matte platinum trim around the base and speakers the F series is a vision to behold.
Amplify your Game: The new GT760, GT660, GX740 and GX640:MSI and audio specialists Dynaudio collaborate again in creating two brand new gaming notebooks the GT760 and GT660. Both models boast superior sound and performance. The GT660 and GT760 feature the most advanced CPUs, graphics cards, TDE+ (Turbo Drive Engine+ technology), and the ultimate in Dynaudio sound. The GX640 and GX740 pack the fastest available ATi discrete graphics cards for awesome visuals, generating unmatched true-to-life graphics, so you can totally enjoy your multimedia whether you’re gaming, listening to music, or catching simply watching a movie. .

Simply the fastest:
The GT760 and GT660 pack MSI’s next generation TDE+ technology. One touch of the luminescent TDE+ hotkey gives you instant turbo, boosting the power pumped out of CPU and graphics card to smoothly and seamlessly process any graphics-heavy applications you throw their way. The GT Series pack Intel’s powerful quad-core Core i7 processor and nVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 285M discrete graphics cards with 1 GB GDDR3. While the GX Series are equipped with Intel’s Core i5 CPU, and employ top end ATI Radeon HD5870 (GX740) and HD5850 (GX640) discrete graphics cards (1GB GDDR5 display memory). Gamers can now enjoy smooth, true-to-life 3D visuals when playing any game.

Speedy Expandability: The GT series comes with the latest USB3.0 ports which transfer at speeds of 4Gbps—10 times faster than USB2.0, as well as three DDR3 SO-DIMM slots supporting up to 12GB of memory. Even cooler is the accelerated dual hard disk architecture that comes in both models. Two SATA hard drives can be installed simultaneously to give you twice the memory and faster read-write speed using SSD disk or a RAID array.
World Champions Choice: World champions Fnatic and US champions Evil Genius, both attained their achievements at the keyboards of MSI gaming Notebooks, they will be going head-to-head on GT660s at the Nangang Exhibition Hall on June 1st to 5th.

Light as the Wind, ultra mobile computing devices: To meet the needs of individuals on the go, five models, each from the MSI’s Wind U series and the X-Slim series, will be showcased. These include from the U series the 10” U135 and U140 with WiMAX certification as well as the U160, which received Germany’s iF Product Design Award, the U160 allows you to run about 15hrs almost all day on one charge. Finally the new 12.1” U250 using AMDs latest mobile platform will be on live demo.
AMD Genevo: The U250 features AMD’s newest power-sipping, high-performance dual core Genevo CPU and MSI’s own power-saving ECO Engine design. The U250 comes with trendy Color Film Print finish, and received international certification from Energy Star that offers twice the battery life per charge of conventional Notebooks.
MSI Slatebook: After turning the IT industry on its head with the exhibition of its dual-screen e-book and its single-screen Slatebook at CES and CeBIT in the first part of the year, MSI will be rolling out a new concept product—its 10” Slatebook which boasts outstanding hardware performance and software functions. The MSI Slatebook features Intel’s latest power-saving CPU platform, eight hours of battery power, and multi-touch control for the preloaded Windows 7 operating system. It tips the scales at a mere 800 grams, comes with 3G and WiFi wireless transfer, as well as USB and HDMI ports. It’s the perfect marriage of wireless urban entertainment and touch technology.
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