Eurocom adds NVIDIA GTX480M, SLI and HD5870 CrossFireX to its lineup

May 26, 2010 | 07:13

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Eurocom, the world's leading developer of desktop Workstation replacement notebook technology is pleased to introduce the Nvidia GTX480M GPU in SLI and the HD5870 in CrossfireX to its line of Mobile Workstation notebooks.

1. EUROCOM D900F Panther with single GTX 480M 2GB DDR5

2. EUROCOM X8100 Leopard with single GTX 480M or HD5870 CrossfireX

3. Coming soon EUROCOM Panther 2.0 with GTX 480 SLI or HD5870 CrossfireX.

The NVIDIA GTX 480M introduces the power of NVIDIA's FERMI architecture to the mobile form factor. FERMI is designed from the ground up to be an incredibly powerful GPGPU (General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit) architecture. With DX11, CUDA, and PHYSX, the GTX480M can accelerate not only 3D applications, but other utility applications as well. Offering up 897 gigaflops of processing power plus up to 2GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, the GTX480M provides incredible speed for gamers and professionals alike.

NVIDIA SLI Technology enables optimized applications to utilize two NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards to improve graphics performance by up to 100%. By combining two GTX480M GPUs in SLI consumers receive the most powerful mobile graphics solution available from NVIDIA.

ATI CrossfireX Technology enables optimized applications to utilize two ATI Radeon graphics cards to improve graphics performance by up to 100%. By combining two Mobility HD5870 GPUs in CrossfireX consumers receive the most powerful mobile graphics solution available from ATI.

The Mobile Workstation is a new category of notebooks designed to replace a desktop-based workstation for professional users. With unrivalled power, unsurpassed features and portability, the Mobile Workstation is the ultimate evolution of the Desktop Replacement notebook technology. With the release of mobile workstations, Eurocom has taken the next step in the evolution of the desktop replacement by combining workstation like features, power and flexibility with desktop replacement technology.

Eurocom Mobile Workstation line encompasses some of the fastest notebook PCs on the market. With the wide adoption of 64-bit operating systems, combined with new 64-bit applications, professional workflow can now scale easily beyond 4 gigabytes of memory. With the Mobile Workstation line offering up to 12/24 gigabytes of memory, creative professionals can enjoy a level of performance never before seen on a mobile platform. Featuring the most innovative computer technologies, Eurocom Mobile Workstations are engineered for the highest quality, best performance, long-term stability and serviceability.

As a single computing solution, the Mobile Workstation provides a perfect alternative to a traditional workstation class desktop computer system.

ABOUT Eurocom Corporation:
Eurocom Corporation is a leading innovator in the notebook industry since 1986. The company has produced many firsts, such as manufacturing the first notebook with 64-bit, SLI technology, RAID 10, Intel Xeon, 20-inch LCD panel and a full-size, 102-key, keyboard.
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