Acer launches new Timeline notebook - free from PVC and BFR materials

January 23, 2010 | 11:17

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Aspire 3811TZ and Aspire 3811TZG

London, January 18th 2010 - Acer launches ever-greener designs with the new
Timeline series notebook, Aspire 3811TZ/TZG, made with materials free of
polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs).

Acer has long sought for opportunities to produce greener products, and
categorized greenness into material, energy and recycling; and the Timeline
series notebooks are designed to fulfill the green criteria. In addition,
the Aspire 3811TZ/TZG has been awarded with Energy Star 5.0.

The Aspire 3811TZ/TZG is produced with materials free from PVC and BFRs
(excluding AC power cable). The chemical characteristics of PVC and BFRs may
generate toxic substances like dioxins and furans at products' end-of-life,
therefore, the reduction of PVC and BFRs in Acer products will help protect
our environment from being poisoned by electronics goods.

Energy shortage and climate change are among the world's most critical and
urgent issues. During the life cycle of IT products, the "use" period is
typically deemed as when products consume the most energy and emit the most
carbon. Therefore, Acer has designed the Timeline series to reduce energy
consumption in the use phase. The system-wide energy consumption of a
Timeline series notebook can save up to 40% compared with traditional
products. With this new feature, the Timeline notebook holds more than 8
hours of battery life - giving users more time for work and leisure. This
achievement is way over the most advanced Energy Star 5.0 criteria, and
realized through the careful combination of software and hardware design by

Furthermore, the Timeline series is designed for recycling. The
modularization design means users can lengthen the usable life of the
products to reduce electronic waste by replacing the modularized parts.

In consideration of our products' full life cycle, Acer strives to provide
excellent products with low toxicity, low contaminations, low energy and
resource consumption and easy-recycling features. Using the power of
procurement and fine communication, our goal is to establish a green supply
chain for Acer by fulfilling outstanding international environmental
criteria and by collaboration with our suppliers.

The Aspire Timeline series notebooks were first announced in April 2009.
Characteristics of the Timeline series are its slim and light form, which
measure only 1 inch at the thinnest point. The energy-conscious Timeline
notebooks feature lower power consumption for long-lasting and
energy-efficient portability, and are available at an affordable price tag.
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