ZOTAC Unleashes New Boost Premium Software Bundle

July 13, 2010 | 04:07

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New software bundle enables users to enhance, edit, experience and enjoy digital media

HONG KONG – Jul. 9, 2010 – ZOTAC® International, a leading innovator and the world’s largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-PCs and small form factor platforms, today unveils the latest software bundle for all new ZOTAC® GeForce® series graphics cards – ZOTAC® Boost Premium. ZOTAC® Boost Premium is a collection of five applications designed to improve your computing experience and includes MotionDSP vReveal 2.0, Nero® Vision Xtra, Cooliris, Kylo™ web browser and XBMC media centre.
“ZOTAC® is always evaluating new software solutions that we believe will be a perfect match for our graphics cards and useful for our users and customers. The latest ZOTAC® Boost Premium bundle represents the best software solutions we’ve found,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC® International.
vReveal makes it easy to quickly fix digital videos from cell phones, HD camcorders, digital cameras, and other devices. vReveal uses powerful technology to stabilize, brighten, sharpen, add fun effects and more with just one click. Enhanced videos can be instantly shared to YouTube™ and Facebook with vReveal's built-in uploaders.
“vReveal requires a fair amount of computing power to process enhanced videos. By pairing our software with a ZOTAC GeForce® series graphics card, we are able to deliver up to 5x faster performance than with average CPUs,” said Mike Sonders, vReveal's Director of Product.
“Nero Vision Xtra makes video editing and movie creation easy for beginners, without skimping on the features for advanced users,” said Hyder Rabbani, senior vice president, Worldwide OEM Sales and Business Development at Nero. “Advanced features such as multi-track editing and special effects with key frame controls enable users to create their own cinematic masterpiece with ease when using Nero Vision Xtra and a ZOTAC GeForce series graphics card.”
Cooliris revolutionizes how photos and videos are viewed by transforming favorite web browsers into the ultimate media browser using ZOTAC® GeForce® series graphics cards. Digital media is presented in a beautiful 3D display that lets you browse and zoom hundreds of photos and videos in seconds without having to click page-to-page with Cooliris and ZOTAC® GeForce® series graphics cards.
"Cooliris is committed to providing the most compelling and easy-to-use applications for consuming media," says Marc Shedroff, EVP of Distribution and Partnerships at Cooliris. "With Cooliris being a part of the ZOTAC® Boost Premium bundle, ZOTAC® users can now browse their favorite web media with the Cooliris 3D Wall, making the media discovery experience more efficient and enjoyable."
The Kylo™ browser, from Hillcrest Labs, is a Web browser designed specifically for use on high-definition televisions. It includes an onscreen keyboard, zooming capabilities, large fonts and navigation controls that enable users to enjoy web surfing while relaxing on the sofa with their ZOTAC® GeForce® series graphics card computer connected to a television set. Popular video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, leading television networks, and others are supported by the Kylo web browser making it easy to bring streaming Internet video to the living room.
“As a recognized leader in graphic cards and mini-PCs, we are very proud that ZOTAC® has incorporated the Kylo web browser for TV into their newest software bundle,” said Parag Sheth, vice president of corporate marketing at Hillcrest Labs. “We’re both committed to serving the increasing number of consumers who connect their computers to their living room TVs in order to experience all of the Web on the best screen in the home.”
XBMC is an award-winning open-source media centre application that transforms any PC with a ZOTAC® GeForce® series graphics card into a television-friendly home theatre PC capable of playing any high-definition or standard definition digital audio, video and image files available locally or streamed over a home network. The capabilities of XBMC are presented with a beautiful silky-smooth user-friendly interface that makes accessing digital media simple and easy.
“The XBMC team is pleased that ZOTAC® has chosen to bundle XBMC; it is a clear sign they value the application as well as the open-source model,” said Cory Fields, business relations manager, the XBMC Foundation.
ZOTAC® Boost Premium will be available with all newly released graphics cards, including GeForce®, Infinity Edition, AMP! Edition, ZONE Edition and Synergy Edition, beginning July, 2010.
It’s time to play with the ZOTAC® Boost Premium software bundle.

General details
o New ZOTAC® Boost Premium software bundle
 vReveal (free)
 Nero® Vision Xtra (30-day trial)
 Cooliris
 Kylo™
 XBMC media centre
o Transform your computing experience
o Shipping with all new graphics cards released after July

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