XFX Press Release - Aliens Vs Predator Exclusive

February 21, 2010 | 09:46

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Formidable Gaming. Formidable Game. Formidable Bundle.
Exclusively from XFX.

Ontario, Calif., February 19, 2010 - Truly the gamer's brand of choice, XFX creates graphics cards that are tailored to every gaming budget and skill level, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. And now they've created the ultimate gaming bundle, pairing up select top-selling XFX ATI Radeon™ HD 5000 Series Graphics Cards with the most highly anticipated DirectX®X 11 game release: Aliens vs. Predator™.

This bundle is exclusive to XFX. Available as a download with the purchase of select XFX ATI Radeon® HD graphics cards, Aliens vs. Predator offers hours of single-player and three-way multiplayer gaming excitement. Players can embody the Marine, the Alien or the Predator, and in multi-player mode play all sides against each other in a series of three-way online modes!

The highly anticipated release is a brand-new title for PC and high-def consoles, coming from acclaimed British developer Rebellion, the team who created the 1999 original PC gaming classic. In addition to non-stop action, post-launch DLDC map packs and game mods are planned, guaranteeing a vibrant online community for years to come.

The XFX graphics cards in the Aliens vs. Predator bundle were selected for the gaming experience they deliver. All feature The XFX Trilogy: ATI Eyefinity Technology, ATI Stream Technology and Direct®X® 11 support.

ATI Eyefinity Technology expands the gaming experience, enabling gamers to spread out across three displays at resolutions up to 1080 pixels and beyond. This first-ever "wrap-around" in-picture experience allows gamers to surround themselves in the digital world, or, if productivity is the goal, maximize workspace with the ability to see more windows simultaneously.
ATI Stream Technology offers faster game play at higher resolutions by offloading tasks that were previously sent to the CPU to the GPU. The result? A more evenly balanced platform that can handle greater capacities at faster speeds.
Full Microsoft® DirectX® 11 support allows gamers to push their experience to the limit, with the highest resolutions at maximum settings. Striking 3D effects are there for the asking thanks to features like HDR Texture Compression, DirectCompute and Tessellation.

"At Rebellion we're supporting DirectX11 because we think gamers want better graphics, more special effects, and games to run faster," says Chris Kingsley, Chief Technology Officer at Rebellion. "DirectX 11 solves lots of problems for us. We're going to want to push everything as far as we can. It's really exciting - the graphics are going to be great."

This exclusive bundle is only offered by XFX and is available for a limited time in select regions. To learn more about the XFX ATI Radeon® HD Graphics Cards, visit www.xfxforce.com. To purchase this exclusive Aliens vs. Predator bundle, visit one of our favorite partners today.

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XFX is a global presence in the world of electronic gaming. With its focus on taking gaming to the extreme, XFX has developed an exciting array of video cards and accessories that are designed to maximize the entire entertainment experience. A division of PINE Technologies, XFX operates its own manufacturing facility and maintains an R&D team that features some of the industry's most renowned talents. Learn more about XFX at www.xfxforce.com.

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