The World First Low Profile Palit GTS 450 is unveiled now

September 16, 2010 | 12:47

Companies: #palit

Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer will be unveiling a new Fermi GeForce GTS 450 model, Palit GTS 450 Low Profile Edition. Palit had recently released the World Fastest 930MHz GTS 450 Sonic Platinum, GTS 450 Sonic and GTS 450. In just 2 days after the GTS 450 officially launch date, Palit is also the first one in the market to provide the unique Low Profile model GTS 450 for compact and customized case for power users.

Design for compact or customized PC, Palit GTS 450 Low Profile Edition is the first and the only low profile GTS 450 available in the market. In order to remain the cooling performance in the smaller case, Palit GTS 450 Low Profile Edition use skrived fins to maximize heat dissipation surface area. It has more fin pieces so heat dissipation is much more effective. Palit GTS 450 Low Profile Edition will deliver excellent performance at a sweet price by equipping with the latest leading industry technologies including NVIDIA 3D Vision and NVIDIA PhysX to all GTS 450 Series. Palit GTS 450 low profile is the only one available in the market which will be best choice for your compact or customized PC

Palit GeForce GTS 450 Series will boost your PC for the ultimate performance upgrade. Tap into the horsepower of the GPU for a visually-charged enhancement on your favorite applications. End-user can now edit photos, play HD videos, and surf the Web with the best experience using the new generation of GPU-accelerated browsers such as Internet Explorer 9. Take the latest 3D movies home and enjoy a good time with Blu-Ray 3D by using Palit GTS 450 Low Profile.
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