SPARKLE Participates Computex 2010 With Series of New Products

May 28, 2010 | 13:25

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Taipei, Taiwan –May 28, 2010- SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., a professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced that it will showcase its latest IT innovations and products in Asia's largest IT tradeshow - Computex 2010 from June 1st to June 5th. With a vast collection of product solutions, covering from graphics cards to home entertainment. Computex visitors will gain insights into SPARKLE cutting-edge solutions with a wide range of futuristic technologies being showcased.


* Calibre X240/X240G graphics cards

The Calibre X240/X240G graphics cards brings unique designed dual-layer fan blades cooling system , providing incredible DX10.1 3D performance to mainstream users plus better cooling effects. The dual-layer fan blades cooling system increases the airflow and air pressure which provides greatly increased cooling efficiency. It extends the blades length to 9cm, 1cm longer than ordinary fans' blades, bringing more powerful air pressure. It also acts as clean expert for the Calibre X240/X240G graphics cards.

When the computer starts, in the first 30 seconds, the fan will rotate anticlockwise. After 30 seconds, it will rotate clockwise. The purpose is to use the powerful of the dual-layer fans to take the dust away from the internal parts of the cooling system, to prevent dust accumulation, making the graphics card even more clean and tidy and improving the sanitary conditions inside the chassis to extend the graphics card's life.


* SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 Graphics Cards

The SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 are the latest graphics cards for high-end and mainstream gamers, they are based on NVIDIA Advanced DX11 GF100 architecture which implements all DirectX 11 hardware features, including tessellation and DirectCompute, among others. GF100 brings forward a vastly improved compute architecture designed specifically to support next generation gaming effects such as ray tracing, order-independent transparency, and fluid simulations.Game performance and image quality receive a tremendous boost, and GF100 enables film-like geometric realism for game characters and objects.

Geometric realism is central to the GF100 architectural enhancements for graphics. In addition, PhysX simulations are much faster, and developers can utilize GPU computing features in games most effectively with GF100.SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 graphics cards all support NVIDIA latest visual technologies, such as 3D Vision Surround technology, 3-Way SLI, 3nd Generation PureVideo HD, OpenGL 4.0 and Native HDMI 1.3a. SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 graphics cards come with 3 free applications bundled to showcase how GeForce and these new technologies are driving the future of gaming and home entertainments.


* SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 Passive Low Profile Graphics Cards

The SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 Passive Low Profile Graphics Cards address, fulfill and exceed the HTPC users' demand on silent working, power consumption and HD video in small HTPC cases. They are half-height video cards suitable for small form-factor, book size and home theatre PCs users that desperately want a dedicated HDMI jack on the cheap.The SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 can be easily installed in narrow space HTPC chassis.

So they not only can easily meet the HD video playback and DX10.1 gaming demand from HTPC users,but also can easily satisfy the requirements from SSF, mini-chassis and industry PCs which demand compact and practical graphics cards.The SPARKLE GeForce 210 Silent Graphics Card comes with a Aluminum heat sink whose shape is designed into S-type, so it can effectively increase the cooling area, while avoiding the insufficient cooling of traditional heat sink. SPARKLE GT220/GT240 Passive Low Profile Graphics Cards are equipped with SPARKLE innovative back-cooling technology with 2 copper heat pipes at the front side and copper heat sink at the back side of the PCB, with fanless design to deliver high-performance cooling at 0dB. This exquisite designed cooling system lets the SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 Passive Low Profile Graphics Cards to occupy only one PCIe slot, easily to be put into the small case of Slim type chassis.


* SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 PCIE-1X Graphics Card

The SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 PCIE-1X Graphics Card adopts unified shader core which dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shading operations, delivering up to 2x the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs. It benefits on the latest PCI Express technology. With PCI Express x1 bus type,

it can be added on the motherboard which have at least one PCI Express x1 slot as the second graphics card, providing multiple monitors supports for heavy computer users and certain industries. The SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 PCIE-1X Graphics Card is also suitable for HTPC or IPC which doesn't come with much expansion ability and no PCI Express x16 slot, it help HTPC to smoothly playback 720p and 1080p HD videos with 2nd PureVideo technology from NVIDIA. The SPARKLE 210/GT220/GT240 PCIE-1X Graphics Card is the best choices for budget gamers who want more 3D powerful weapons to replace onboard graphics but with only PCI Express x1 slot onboard.


* SPARKLE 3D Vision Surround Display Area

At the SPARKLE booth, SPARKLE will team up with its partner - NVIDIA, to enable visitors to experience the power and advanced capabilities of NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology and SPARKLE 3D Vision Surround products. Leveraging the power of multiple GF100 GPUs in an NVIDIA SLI configuration, NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround enables a new level of eye-popping 3D stereo gaming, expanding your real estate across 3 panels for the ultimate “inside the game” feeling.
The SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 Graphics Cards provide the incredible graphics horsepower to run your game in 3D stereo, across 3 panels, at HD resolutions up to 5760x1080. The SPARKLE GTX480/GTX470 graphics cards also support gaming across three non-3D displays with resolutions up to 2560x1600,it's the best in Class 2D Surround Gaming.


* Calibre CUTi

SPARKLE will showcase its award-winning Calibre CUTi at the Computex 2010 tradeshow. It's a revolutionary small form factor PC providing high definition 1080p playback and digital surround sound for a variety of multimedia formats displayed right on a user’s HDTV. In addition, the Calibre CUTi has excellent energy-saving features, idle power consumption is only 14 watts, less than an energy-saving lamp power consumption.The Calibre CUTi is great for high definition video, mainstream gaming, and GPU-accelerated video and photo editing applications that take advantage of NVIDIA CUDA™ technology.

The Calibre CUTi also supports DirectCompute as part of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system, which delivers a major boost for accelerating applications like video editing and other GPU-accelerated applications like vReveal and Badaboom let users quickly edit video and convert it for use on a portable media player like an iPod.


About SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd.
SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd, established in 1982, is a high-end VGA card manufacturer and supplier to mainly provide NVIDIA series VGA card. With its strong R&D ability and investment in both hardware and software, Sparkle aims to provide the most price-competitive products while with best-in-class quality and service. Not only launch partner, Sparkle is also one of the certificated vendors of NVIDIA. Currently, SPARKLE products sell in more than 80 countries and on the web at
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