Palit GT 440 brings the ultimate DX11 and 3D performance to your HTPC

February 7, 2011 | 06:47

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Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, introduces a new Fermi-based graphics card – Palit GeForce GT 440. With DX11, Blu-ray 3D and the latest NVIDIA technologies support, Palit GeForce GT 440 is the best solution for 3D movie viewing, and upgrades your photo editing and web browsing experiences.

Base on Fermi architecture, Palit GeForce GT 440 features 1GB of GDDR5 memory with 2x performance to offer the horsepower needed to power your HTPC for best 3D movie experience. Support for DVI, VGA output and HDMI 1.4a connector which is necessary for full resolution 3D content, Palit GeForce GT 440 is suitable for all kinds of home theater display monitor. Along with the Blu-Ray 3D support, Palit GeForce GT 440 allows you to experience optimal 3D visuals at a full 1080p resolution in your home. With DX11 support, Palit GeForce GT 440 also upgrade the editing of your photos and HD videos, and level-up your web experience with the new generation of GPU-accelerated browsers which enables a faster loading time. Palit GeForce GT 440 is ideal for HTPC power users, but also digital media and PC users who work on their Desktop PC.

With the latest NVIDIA technologies including realistic PhysX in-game effects, Palit GeForce GT 440 can even provide a playable frame rates in the hottest title StarCraft II. Under 1680x1050 resolution setting, you can experience the average frame per second at 48. Palit GeForce GT 440 offers the ability to play latest DX11 games at reasonable detail levels with a lot of value for money.
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