MSI launches the N440GT series

Written by Ben Hardwidge

February 1, 2011 | 15:40

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MSI launches the N440GT series
With Double Over-Voltage Function and 3D HD Support

Leading international graphics card and motherboard maker MSI has released two new graphics cards based on the GeForce GT 440. The N440GT-MD1GD3/LP is the first GeForce GT 440 graphics card with double over-voltage support; which can control the GPU and memory voltage to unleash the full overclocking potential of the graphics card. Via the exclusive MSI Afterburner overclock software, the N440GT-MD512D5 can increase performance up to 15% (1)! The N440GT-MD1GD3/LP features a low-profile design suitable for more compact cases, while the addition of a dual-fan cooling system makes it perfect for playing Blu-ray DVDs in a HTPC without heat and noise. All MSI N440GT graphics cards use the Military Class II components for extended lifespan and durability. The N440GT family of graphics cards also supports NVIDIA's exclusive PhysX and 3D Vision so you can watch 3D movies and play 3D games in the comfort of your own home(2)!

Double Over-Voltage Function with MSI Afterburner

The all new MSI N440GT graphics card family supports GPU voltage adjustments using the exclusive MSI Afterburner overclocking utility. By tuning the GPU over-voltage with Afterburner, you are able to increase overclocking performance up to 15% without the use of external power connections (3). The N440GT-MD1GD3 in particular is the first GeForce GT440 graphics card in the world to support a Double Over-Voltage function. Memory voltage can now be adjusted as well as GPU voltage. Afterburner also stores up to five profiles of overclock settings, in addition to supporting multi-graphics card operations. Real-time monitoring of GPU temperature and fan speed keeps users up-to-date on the status of their graphics card.

Military Class II Components for Utmost Reliability

The MSI N440GT family of graphics cards features the Military Class II components. The N440GT-MD512D5 uses Hi-c CAP for improved core power supply performance and a 10% efficiency boost. Super Ferrite Chokes (SFC) increases maximum power output by up to 30% for even more overclocking performance. The All Solid CAP means a service life of over ten years to provide gamers with the most stable experience and the highest quality product.

Dual Fan, Low-Profile HTPC Design

The MSI N440GT-MD1GD3/LP graphics card features a low-profile design suitable for compact cases, while a dual-fan system doubles the air flow compared to conventional designs for improved heat dissipation, making it suitable for mini HTPC setups.

3D Vision Support

The new N440GT family of graphics cards supports PhysX physics acceleration and 3D Vision technology. The inclusion of a HDMI 1.4a port enables the transmission of 7.1 channel sound in the lossless TrueHD and DTS-HD sound formats for a superb audio-visual experience. With 3D high-definition video set to become the mainstream standard of the future, the MSI N440GT series is the perfect choice for 3D home cinemas.

1. Double Over-Voltage is only supported on the N440GT-MD1GD3/LP. Overclocking results may vary depending on the test environment or system
2. 3D Vision technology requires 3D glasses, 3D TV and supporting software
3. Testing result is N440GT-MD512D5 compared to N240-MD512D5

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