MSI announces N480GTX HydroGen graphics card with 100% pure copper water-cooling design

August 20, 2010 | 03:59

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24℃ Cooler, Zero Noise, Maximum Performance

Internationally renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI today officially announces the brand new MSI N480GTX HydroGen graphics card equipped with all copper waterblock and the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 GPU. The industry-leading HydroGen waterblock is made of 100% pure copper and designed with micro-channels which quickly carry away the heat from the GPU. Compared with the GTX480 reference thermal design, the HydroGen can effectively reduce 24C on the GPU temperature and ensure a 100% silent work environment. This temperature reduction helps the 'Over Voltage' function of MSI Afterburner utility to harness the maximum overclocking potential of the GPU. This, combined with Military Class components throughout results in not just a great overclocker, but a card with an ultra-long life span.

Silence to coldness: MSI HydroGen all copper water-cooling design

The HydroGen water-cooling is a huge all-copper waterblock covering the GPU and memory modules. The water path is designed in such a way to give maximum heat transfer, thus reducing the temperature of the GPU as quickly as possible. This path includes narrow micro-channels on GPU area; the so called MSI HydroGen micro-channel design. According to the theory, “the smaller the channel, the higher velocity”, the heat of GPU can be taken away quickly, and OC enthusiasts don't need to worry about GPU overheating. It's also worth mentioning, the N480GTX HydroGen is a one slot design so the dimensions don't cause issues in multi-GPU setups such as 3-way SLI.

Unleashed OC capability with uncompromising product stability

Apart from the clock adjustment of the GPU and memory, MSI exclusive Afterburner overclocking utility features the 'Over Voltage' function to break through the existing performance limits and unleash the full potential of the GPU. Next, the built-in Kombustor stability testing tool helps enthusiasts to monitor the stability and performance of their overclock.

To ensure perfect performance and stability, the N480GTX HydroGen is also equipped with Military Class Components, including the Hi-c CAP currently used in space shuttles and satellites with 8 times longer life than the solid caps. In addition MSI make use of Solid State Chokes (SSC), removing high frequency interference and with low frequency vibration. Finally, for less critical circuits, MSI Military Class products use 'Solid Caps' to extend life span of the product.

Exclusive UK place of purchase

MSI N480GTX HydroGen perfectly presents the industry-leading unique thermal design, and it is surely the best choice for overclocking enthusiasts thirsting for high performance, zero noise, low operating temperature, and solid stability. MSI have partnered with enthusiast etailer Scan Computers to make the card available from the end of August. For more information please visit

Download N480GTX Hydrogen Media Picture Pack

About MSI

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