CAPS and Absoft Corporation Announce Partnership to Promote CUDA and GPU Development Tools for HPC

Written by Ben Hardwidge

June 22, 2011 | 11:10

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New CAPS DevDeck
All-In-One solution for hybrid application porting

Hamburg – June 21th, 2011

CAPS entreprise today announced the launch of its new DEVDECK™ offer next September, a multi-level tool suite for manycore applications definition, porting and optimisation.

Pioneer in the directive-based approach with its HMPP™ flagship product, CAPS has been delivering manycore-dedicated software tools, solutions and expertise for more than 10 years and helps organizations to adapt the way their applications are developed in order to benefit from the performance of manycore architectures.

Its new DEVDECK offer aims at guiding users through the whole applications development lifecycle thanks to its GPU focused porting methodology and a state-of-the-art product ecosystem including programming, debugging, profiling tools and scientific libraries.

“With this offer we provide a set of tools to support CAPS code migration methodology to efficiently help users in their manycore projects. And at a good price!” Declares François Bodin, CAPS CTO.

The DEVDECK package will be user specific, whether it will address a developer (‘DEVDECK Developer’), a large company/computing center (‘DEVDECK Enterprise’) or a constructor/integrator (‘DEVDECK OEM’).

All packages will include CAPS software development tools:
• HMPP Hybrid Compiler
• HMPP Wizard (Interactive diagnosis tool to improve GPU kernels)
• HMPP Performance Analyzer (Dynamic expert analyses that help developers tune their HMPP codelets)

The ‘DEVDECK Developer’ will be completed with the ALLINEA Debugger DDT 3.0 that fully supports HMPP and enables the user to debug its NVIDIA GPU application at a high level as well as scientific libraries for only € 2,900.00.

The ‘DEVDECK Enterprise’ will also provide companies an additional and customizable expertise associated to their manycore project.

For further information about CAPS DEVDECK, please visit
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