Scythe Slot Rafter out now

July 24, 2009 | 14:16

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Hamburg, 24th July 2009:

Scythe Europe hereby officially introduces the new accessory called “Slot Rafter”. The Slot Rafter is a pc accessory, which is placed on an empty PCI-Slot, and it allows mounting of up to four 2,5"-drives (hdd/ssd) on one side and two 80mm-fans on the other side of the construction.

Thereby, the Slot Rafter is a blessing to everyone who gladly wants to use any empty PCI-slots with sense. With multiple combinations of fans and drives being possible, you can use the Slot Rafter in many different ways, e.g. to cool the mounted drives with the fans or to cool a graphiccard above or below the Slot Rafter. Consequently, the Slot Rafter becomes a multifunctional platform, which, if required, can store 2,000 Gb data (using four 500Gb-drives) spending very little space. Hence, at least the empty space in the case is functionalized.

It is a matter of course that all kinds of 80mm-fans and 2,5"-drives are compatible with the Slot Rafter, including high- and low-rpm drives and fans as well as all data capacities. Hence, the function of the Slot Rafter can be customized very well, whether to utilize a cooling platform with two high-performance fans or a data terminal with a little extra, silent cooling is possible to implement. Combination of multiple Slot Rafters allows even more flexibility.

The Slot Rafter package includes the required installation screws and is from now on available at a recommended retail price of 4,95 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 7.90 (excluding TAX).
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