Scythe Kaze Master Pro - New High-End Fan Controllers

May 12, 2010 | 10:49

Companies: #scythe

Oststeinbek 12th May 2010. Japanese cooling specialist Scythe expands the Kaze Master Fan Controller Series by two new High-End models. New Kaze Master Pro models are available as a 5.25 inch and a 3.5 inch version.

Compared to standard versions, new Kaze Master Pro 5.25 supports two additional fans as well as temperature channels. This allows users to control 6 fans in total in a voltage range of 3.7 to 12 Volts as well as to monitor 6 temperature sensors. Furthermore, it utilizes a new all black chassis giving it a unified high quality look. Values such as fan speed and temperature are displayed on the VF-Display (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) which allows users to monitor two channels at the same time. Build-in turn-switches allow users to change among 6 channels. Nevertheless, fan speed can be adjusted separately using the 6 rotary potentiometer in the front panel of Kaze Master Pro 5.25.

New Kaze Master Pro 3.5 is the smaller version for 3.5 inch bay allowing users to control up to 4 fans as well as to monitor 4 temperature sensors. Build-in VF-Display shows fan speed and temperature of one of the four channels at the same time. A small button on the left of the unit allows switching between the channels. Using the rotary potentiometer in the front panel, users can individually adjust the fan speed at anytime.

Both Kaze Master Pro models are equipped with the alarm feature which will warn users when critical temperatures are reached or one of the fans fails during its duty. Kaze Master Pro 5.25 (KM03-BK) is available for 29.25 EU (excl. VAT) or 45.00 USD (excl. TAX). Smaller model Kaze Master Pro 3.5 (KM03-BK-3.5) is available for 21.00 EU (excl. VAT) or 36.00 USD (excl. TAX).
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