Scythe Gekkou - Second original design PC Case from Scythe

October 5, 2010 | 10:26

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Japanese manufacturer Scythe is officially releasing its second PC Case under the name „Gekkou“. This new Midi-Tower PC Case is available as Standard as well as Silent version whereas both versions can be purchased with a black or silver brush-finish as well as mirror-finish front panel. All models are manufactured of solid steel which is painted black from the outside. The PC Case dimensions are 7.717 x 20.67 x 16.93 in (196 x 430 x 525 mm) where the weight is varies depending on model from 14.55 lb (6.6 kg) to 16.42 lb (7.45 kg).

Gekkou PC Cases are equipped with an easy tool-free mounting mechanism for 5.25 inch Drives hich allows safely mounting of 4 drives. Furthermore it is possible to mount the drives into the 5.25” bays using conventional screws. Up to four 3.5 inch Hard Drives can be mounted inside the removable HDD Cage using the tool-free mounting mechanism.

Sufficient airflow is achieved by implementing two of the popular Slip Stream 120 mm fans which are rotating with 800 rpm (10.70 dBA) and thereby creating 40.17 CFM (68 m³/h). First Slip Stream 120 mm fan is located in the front of the Gekkou PC Case sucking in fresh air from the outside. To avoid dust from getting into the case a removable and easy-to-clean air-filter was built in front of the fan. Second Slip Stream 120 mm fan is located in the rear of the case pushing the hot air to the outside of the case. This allows constant airflow inside the pc case to avoid the creation of heat accumulation. Power Supply Units can be mounted in the bottom of the Gekkou PC Case resting on thick rubber spacer. Users can decide whether the PSU should be mounted facing the fan top or bottom side. Additionally two cable ducts were implemented allowing easy to use water cooling systems or pass cable.

Users who are changing or detaching their CPU Coolers often will benefit from the maintenance hole which allows the detaching of backplate systems without the necessity to remove the motherboard. Silent Version of Gekkou PC Case is equipped with sound-absorbing matting on top and side panels which actively reduces the noise created inside of the pc case. In contrast the Standard Version allows mounting of up to two fans in sizes 80, 92, 120, 135 and 140 mm onto the side panel. Front door can be opened towards right or left side or even completely removed depending on the preference of user.

Connectivity of external devices is achieved by the implemented connectors on left side of the front panel covering two USB 2.0, eine e-SATA as well as one Mic and Headphone Connector.


Product Name & No.:
Gekkou Standard (GEKKOU-BK) (Black)
Gekkou Standard (GEKKOU-SL) (Silver)
Gekkou Standard (GEKKOU-MR) (Mirror-Finish)
Gekkou Silent (GEKKOU-BK-S) (Black)
Gekkou Silent (GEKKOU-SL-S) (Silver)
Gekkou Silent (GEKKOU-MR-S) (Mirror-Finish)

PC Case Color:

Dimensions (WxHxD):
7.72 x 16.93 x 20.67 in
196 x 430 x 525 mm

Model BK - 14.55 lbs / 6.6 kg
Model SL - 14.88 lbs / 6.75 kg
Model MR - 14.95 lbs / 6.78 kg
Model BK-S - 16.09 lbs / 7.3 kg
Model SL-S - 16.42 lbs / 7.45 kg
Model MR-S - 16.49 lbs / 7.48 kg

PC Case type:
Midi Tower

Supplied Case Fans:
2 x Slip Stream 120 mm (800 rpm)

Compatibile Motherboards:
ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Mini ITX, Flex ATX

Internal and external Bays:
5x 5.25 Inch (external)
4x 3,.5 Inch (internal)

I/O-Panel Connectors:
2x USB 2.0
1x eSATA
1x Headphone
1x Mic

Power Supply Unit:
Standard ATX (not included)
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