Enermax Luxuray - ATX Midi Tower de Luxe

October 28, 2010 | 15:25

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ATX Midi Tower de Luxe – Premium Design and First-class Cooling

The new Enermax Luxuray is a Midi Tower in a class of its own: Perfect appearance and well-thought interior design. Enermax further integrated its new technically leading LED fan which is able to create three different colours and 14 unique light effects. The elegant ATX Midi Tower is now available.

Hamburg, 28th of October 2010. Recently, Enermax introduced the ATX Midi Tower Volcanus. Its characteristic flame design and high-performance cooling system is dedicated to passionate gamers. The new ATX Midi Tower Luxuray goes in another direction: It is completely black coated – inside as well as outside – matching with a high-glossy front made from black-transparent acryl which shows the light effects of the pre-installed Vegas fan to its best advantage. The patented circular LED technology with 36 diodes is equipped with an integrated circuit which enables to create three different colours (blue/red/green) and overall 14 light modes. In combination with the black transparent acryl front, the three-colour fan brings about a sensational effect: It reveals a kind of 3-dimensional view into the case – a successful optical illusion and a foretaste of the new Enermax LED fan generation, which will be launched until the end of this year.

Brilliant Cooling Performance
In searching for the adequate case to build a new PC system, the cooling performance plays an important role. As a manufacturer of high-quality fans, Enermax puts much effort in the development of an effective cooling concept. Luxuray is delivered with two pre-installed fans: While the Vegas front fan takes in fresh air through the vents on the bottom and side of the front panel, the integrated 12cm rear fan blows out the heat. Depending on the system requirements, the case cooling can be upgraded up to five fans. The installation of two side fans supports the fresh air supply; one top fan can additionally dissipate the rising warm air. According to that, the PSU is mounted at the case bottom and can be also installed with fan downwards. A micro filter prevents dust particles from entering into the power supply.

Easy System Assembling
Luxuray provides a variety of useful functions and mechanisms which simplify the installation of the system components. Thanks to quick release fasteners and thumb screws, the optical drives and expansion cards can be fixed without using additional tools. The 90-degree-rotated HDD cage helps to install or exchange hard disc drives comfortably. Furthermore, below the HDD cage users can find a retained space for 2.5” SSD drives. Tangled cables can not only disturb the air circulation inside the case, but also destroy the clean and perfect overall impression of every case. Luxuray is equipped with cut-outs to run the cables hidden behind the mainboard tray.

The ATX Midi Tower Luxuray is now available at a MSRP of £61.90 incl. VAT. More technical information you can find attached or at www.enermax.co.uk/luxuray.
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