Mad as a March Hear: Teufel launch six multimedia sets and a new Decoderstation;

March 11, 2009 | 09:08

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Ideal as compact home cinema or complete PC/Mac solution

Berlin, Germany March 2009: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, has announced the launch of two new model ranges of speakers for both PC’s and Mac’s; the Concept C’s and the Concept E’s. These sleek and sophisticated new sets can also double up as a compact home cinema set and consists of two 2.1 Concept C and four 5.1 Concept E sets and Decoderstation 5.

The new range is not only stylish but also offers great value for money. In addition customers can choose the size and style that they like or is best suited to their needs, taste or preference.

Concept C 2.1 sets

The Teufel Concept C 2.1 sets offer up to 150 watt audio output and a choice between either a small or large speaker with a small subwoofer.

Concept E 5.1 sets

The Teufel Concept E 5.1 sets offer between 100 to 375 watt audio output, and a choice between a small or large speaker, with a small, medium or large subwoofer.

Decoderstation 5

The Teufel Decoderstation 5 is a slim upright device that sits neatly near your set, with four digital, one analogue 5.1 and three analogue stereo connections this station is a great add-on for the Concept E 5.1 systems. The user can easily connect to any playback device and allows 5.1 surround sound reproduction or upgrades conventional stereo signals via a Dolby Prologic into surround sound.

All of the sets and Decoderstation have been designed to an impeccable standard to compliment a modern home or office environment. Users can also connect their iPod or other mp3 player via an optional iTeufel Dock or through the analogue input.

Prices start from £133, and if you don’t want to compromise on style or quality the Concept E and C sets should be on the shopping lists for 2009. Both sets and the Decoderstation will be available from March 2009 and are backed by an impressive warranty. For more information please visit
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