Griffin Technology announces headphones for children

September 19, 2009 | 09:56

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…Brand new MyPhones feature volume cap to protect young listeners’ hearing…

London, 17 September 2009: Griffin Technology, the popular iPhone accessories manufacturer, today launches MyPhones headphones for children. These comfortable, adjustable headphones feature a maximum volume limit to protect young ears, and can be used with iPods, mp3 players, games consoles, computers and more.

Experts believe that the best way to protect young ears is by limiting both the volume and the amount of audio children listen to. With this in mind, MyPhones have been built to cap volume at 85 decibels, the maximum sustained volume level as recommended by many regulatory agencies (including OSHA and CDC). In addition, these headphones are supra-aural, meaning that they sit outside the ear with no parts entering the ear canal.

MyPhones can be customized – children can design their own shell caps, swap with friends and mix and match to make theirs a completely unique and personal set. There’s even a GoCase, which stores and protects the MyPhones, meaning the kids can grab them and go when they want to enjoy music and games on the move. As well as giving youngsters the excitement of their own headphones, MyPhones give parents confidence that their children are enjoying audio safely and responsibly.

‘Children are as interested in technology as adults these days, and are often more adept than their parents when it comes to audio gadgets and games consoles,’ says Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. ‘But it’s important that technology caters for their very different requirements. We at Griffin are keen to stress the importance of protecting young ears against hearing damage – MyPhones will limit the volume of the music they are listening to, and we encourage parents to be mindful of how much time their children spend plugged into their headphones, be it listening to music or playing video games.’

Griffin’s MyPhones are available in Apple stores worldwide.

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