Everything’s clear with new PC headsets and microphones by Sony

Written by Ben Hardwidge

March 21, 2011 | 17:07

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Everything’s clear with new PC headsets and microphones by Sony:

Comfort and great sound quality for gaming, VoIP chat and more

• DR-GA100 for clear, comfortable PC gaming
• DR-ZX103USB and DR-ZX102DPV for music, videos and VoIP
• DR-EX13DPV in-ear headset for VoIP
• ECM-PC60 microphone for VoIP and voice recording

Whether you’re playing online, chatting with friends overseas or relaxing to music, you’ll enjoy superb sound and comfort with the stylish new range of PC headsets from Sony.

DR-GA100 PC gaming headset
Joining the DR-GA500 and GA200, Sony further expands its range of PC gaming headsets with the new DR-GA100. Treating you to a dynamic soundstage, it’s also ideal for VoIP or listening in comfort and privacy to music or movies on your PC.

Optimised for everyday gaming, the DR-GA100 is a perfect partner when you want to chat with other networked players. The noise-cancelling boom microphone delivers crisp, clear voice quality, while unique Virtual Phones Technology by Sony assures full, rich reproduction of voice and music from any source.

Great for extended play sessions, the DR-GA100 focuses on maximum wearer comfort with a newly-designed soft cushion earpad and light, low-pressure headband. The headset cord includes a handy in-line volume control. There’s also a mic muting switch if you need to chat off-air without being heard by fellow gamers.

DR-ZX103USB and DR-ZX102DPV PC headsets for music, video and VoIP
Enjoy crystal-clear sound in privacy from your PC, whether you’re listening to music or watching movies on Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD.

Light and comfortable to wear, new DR-ZX103USB and DR-ZX102DPV headsets feature closed-type 30mm driver units for full, rich sound from any source. There’s also an unobtrusive in-line mic in the headset cord for VoIP conversations. The DR-ZX103USB adds the extra refinement of a USB audio box that reduces background noise levels for even clearer, more intelligible speech. PC connection via USB frees up your computer’s jack for plugging in other devices (e.g. PC speakers). The control box also offers a volume control and mute function for handy level adjustments.

DR-EX13DPV in-ear PC headset for VoIP
The light, compact DR-EX13DPV in-ear headset appeals to business travellers and on-the-go VoIP users who need high-quality speech with less to carry.

Smartly styled for business or leisure, the attractively-priced headset is an ideal choice for anyone who likes staying in touch with colleagues and family via their PC. The comfortable in-ear design features a 9mm EX driver for richly satisfying audio reproduction with full, deep bass. Voice quality via the in-line microphone is clear and crisp. There’s also a handy in-line volume control for fingertip control of listening levels while you’re chatting on the move.

ECM-PC60 microphone for VoIP, PC gaming
You’ll always be heard clearly with the new ECM-PC60 electret condenser microphone. This small, high-quality mic is an essential PC add-on for anyone who wants to chat via VoIP or popular instant messenger services. It’s supplied with an angle-adjustable stand for desk mounting, plus a tie-clip mount for recording a presenter/interviewee on your PC or digital voice recorder.

It’s partnered by two other new microphones from Sony. The ECM-TL3 is an ‘earphone’ style electret condenser model that’s ideal for recording conversations while you’re holding a telephone handset or mobile to your ear. The ECM-CS3 is an affordable omni-directional mic that clips discreetly onto a lapel or clothing for recording lectures, meetings or interviews.

The latest range of PC headsets and microphones from Sony is available from April 2011.

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