Scythe Musashi VGA Cooler

October 13, 2008 | 22:25

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Full Throttle VGA Cooler is Ready! Multi-Compatibility, Dual Independent Fan Controller, and More!

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces its first original VGA Cooler, “Musashi” to the worldwide market. After a several years of intensive and deep market research as well as our product development without compromise, the Musashi VGA Cooler is proudly ready with the various features, which users can take the advantages for silencing and cooling of VGA. Not to mention the importance of having wider compatibility with today’s VGA cards, the independent dual super thin 100mm fans allow users to independently control each fan speed to fulfill the demand for silent to over-clocking purposes.

Furthermore, single fan mode can be arranged by simply detaching 1 fan and place another fan onto the middle of the VGA cooler to intensively cool the GPU. By integrating the Scythe original “Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm Fan”, thickness of the VGA cooler becomes very thin, which can be fitted into the PC case in a compact way. Airflow can be directed to the entire graphic card to ensure the complete cooling of the graphic card. Ideal for gamers or simply replacing the noisy original cooler comes with your VGA, Scythe “Musashi” is here to fulfill your needs!

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Model Name:
Musashi VGA Cooler

Model Number:


Ati: Radeon 9*** / X*** / X1300 / X1600 / X1650 / X1800 / X1900 / X1950 / HD2600 / HD2900XT / HD3650 / HD3850 / HD3870 / HD4850 / HD4870
*Not compatible with ATi RADEON 9550/9600

nVIDIA: GeForce FX5900 / 6600 / 6800 / 7300 / 7600 / 7800 / 7900 / 8500 / 8600 / 8800GT / 8800GTS / 9600 / 9800GT / 9800GTX / 9800GTX+
*Not compatible with nVIDIA GeForce 6600 AGP

Overall Dimension:
104 x 250 x 35 mm / 4.09 x 9.84 x 1.38 in (W x D x H)

Fan Dimensions:
100 x 100 x 12 mm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.47 in (W x D x H)

800 ~ 2,000 upm

Noise Level:
12.50 ~ 29.22dBA

11.45 ~ 27.60CFM = 20 ~ 48 m³/h

375 g / 12.1 oz

Japanese/English/French/German/Spanish/Russian (Download, pdf)

By removing the original fan attached to your graphic card, the warranty of the graphic card will be voided. Depending on the graphic card, this item may not be installed due to the interference with the condensers or the shape of the graphic card.

US$ 49.80
29.95 Euro excl. VAT
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